Diabetes Software for the Mac

I'm a Mac geek plain and simple. I would love to be able to plug my meter in at the end of each day (or maybe every couple days) and take a look at my results. Currently, Onetouch only has support for Windows...

So far the only thing I can find in the way of any diabetes software for the Mac is Diabetes Logbook X. The application looks great and you can import specific data types. It's still under active development, which is great news. Still, being able to download directly from my meter each day/week/etc. would be great.

Anyone else have other suggestions/programming chops?

You might try looking into web-based software. Minimed has software that uploads pump, CGM & meter data. I think it sucks, but thought I would mention it.

Also, check out this list for more web-based software: http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technology/software.php

I don't know if CareLink (Minimed's Web software) will work on Mac... I had problems running it on Windows 64bit (or even on Firefox)...



Hi Matt !

I have one middle way for you... You could use my software... GGC (http://ggc.sourceforge.net/). It is written in Java, so if you have Mac running at least Java 1.5, then you should be ready. I tested it at home on my test machine and it works... at least for devices I tested it with... You will have to get separate driver for your cable for meter though...


Have you thought about using boot camp?  I belive it's included in the latest version of Leopard.  If not, i'm sure Apple will sell it to you.