Diabetes supply storage

Okay, so it was time for my quarterly (supposed to be monthly) inventory/clean up of my diabetes supply stock.  I currently keep all of my supplies in a large cedar chest (you know, the type you can fit at the foot of a bed and are supposed to store a bunch of linens and clothes in....) I have a small rubbermaid (shoe box size) that I keep a small supply in for daily use/travelling etc.-you know, a few extra pump changes, currently open bottle of insulin, a few extra batteries, pump set inserter, few syringes, etc.  Will have to try to fit extra CGM stuff in there now too. 

Anyway, as I'm struggling to keep track of what I need to order and when, and am frustrated with the shear amount of space devoted to diabetes crap in my apartment, I was wondering what others do for their supplies.  I'd love some helpful hints or even just others commiserating about their closet/drawer/shelf etc



I stole one of the kitchen cabinets (over the fridge) when we moved into the house.  My wife isn't thrilled with it but it allows me to keep almost everything in one place (also have a drawer in the bedroom).  As for the order tracking, I live by the spreadsheet - Item list in column A, preferred number on hand in column b - write in amount on hand in column C... commence to order when running low... LOL - it's a cumbersome mess - and I definitely feel your frustration.  I suspect there are a lot of folks better organized than i am - in fact, I suspect YOU are better organized than I am, LOL -

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Ha, glad someone has a use for that cabinet.  I need a chair to reach it, so mine is full of the like 20 ice cube trays I've accumulated over the years (seriously, do they multiple on their own-why do I have so many?!) and other random crap I only need once a year (like the deviled egg plate for easter for example).  

Ugghh I definitely feel you on this one...I have my stuff EVERYWHERE! I have two unopened boxes from animas, a boxful of meters/books/random stuff on my dresser, a rubbermaid container under my nightstand, and an empty animas box that I use for my current stuff I'm using. There is just so much, and so little room to put it! I don't know how I have ended up with so much more pump supplies than I need..seriously 2 unopened boxes is ridiculous! I even took a box of insets and cartridges away and there is still too much! There bad part is that I'm about to move into a small one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and I'm afraid I won't have enough space for all my diabetes stuff and my regular stuff =(

Mine are stored in the top shelf of the bathroom linen closet. :) I have to have a chair sometimes, too, but the supplies are always out of the way. And most guests don't open my linen closet, so no one will see them. :)

Since I was de'xd as a age baby. My mom put all my stuff up on a high shelf so i could not reach it than. And 12 years later it is in the same spot as it was then. But that is just my meter stuff. I have a differnt box that I use for my Pump stuff. And when I go someplace for like a weekend or something I dont take the big box I take a some box that fits everything in it that I need. Were my mom put my stuff for my meter is were everyone can see it. It dont bother me or my parents at all.

Victoria-My top shelf of my linen closet is where I keep my fake Christmas tree. :) Seems like too much trouble to have to get a chair every 3rd day or so.  Plus I don't mind if others see my supplies, but I like having them enclosed because they aren't always organized.  

Vered-you'll have to get creative with your stuff, I used to live in a very small apartment (350 sq ft)  I used those under the bed rubbermaids for my stuff.  Bookshelves and closet organizers can help you fit more stuff in the same space as well.  Good luck with the move :)

I got a three shelved set of drawers plastic and short-2' tall-from wal-mart and it not only holds my diabetes supplies but my sewing supplies as well. 2 of the drawers are filled with diabetic supplies!

okcpwd1-I have about 5 of those drawer things-only mine are completely filled with craft supplies-sewing stuff, scrapbooking, painting, etc.!  :)