Diabetes Sux!

Have u been made fun of because u have diabetes i have alot and it sux but i have learned to ignore the haters and embrace mi differentness if u feel this way then u should just be ur self and ignore the people who try to bring u down tell me ur stories with diabetes bullies

no because i make it sound cool like eating candy, leaving class early and always having the perfect excuse

ya kids messed with me 2 in middle school but since ive been in high school nobody's messed with me

I've had a few encounters with bullying/beiong made fun of. one was elementary school when i had to eat snacks so i didnt drop. some of my classmates got jealous and started talking about me.

another, i had a classmate who thought that buying a shirt that says "I got the Dia-bee-tus".  turns out it was a joke against me and i didnt find it funny.

people can be really mean sometimes. even my friends are. one of my friends screamed cause i had a needle out in front of them instead of just looking way. and another yelled that my insulin smelled really bad. it really hurt my feelings.:(