Diabetes team work or lack-there-of

I don't know how many of you went to camp but I did. And I have one very strong memory from one activity we did there.

For CIT week we had to do teamwork training. So now my impression of late teen diabetics is this- Diabetics are really bad at teamwork!!

The 4-H guys running the outdoor activity teamwork training had to be laughing on the inside and out the entire time because afterwards they told us that "Even the blind kids do better then you."

We were taken aback by the statement but it was very true, we were the worst people at team work I have ever witnessed.

Afterwards we talked about it and I brought up the point that ever since we were very young we had been forced to be very independent. We had always had to be willing to break away from the group and stand up for ourselves fiercely if need be. Many of us also hide our problems and are secretive at times to protect us from the norm. This type of behavior lends well to self preservation but does not lend well to team work.

We were able to look back on this and reflect on what we needed to work on, thumbed our noses at the 4-H guys, and go back to being the fiercely independent people we were growing up to be.

I have tried to always remember this when dealing with other people and try to listen a little better, be a little more patient, and let others lead. Because if my diabetes gave me anything, it gave me the need to lead.


I like that; it makes complete sense to me. Kind of like when you feel a certain way, but you can't find the words to express it? I think you just did. Excellent point, and extremely well written. I like it.