Diabetes tech and phone compatibility

Thought I would start a topic to discuss Diabetes technology and compatibility with smart phones.

I am a relative newcomer to using a CGM, I started in Oct of 2022. I have only used/am still using the Freestyle Libre 3. The Freestyle website has a list of compatible phones, but I don’t think they put much effort into that list, nor do they maintain it. For the last year I was using a Samsung Galaxy A52, which is not on their list of compatible phones. The phone worked just fine with the Libre 3. Just last week I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Flip 5. I really had no worries that the phone would work with the Libre 3 (it does), but I have finally spent the time to set up the external half screen and discovered that the Libre app will run on the external screen. It compresses the graph, but the current glucose value is plainly visible.

The FDA needs to write a rule that says something like “if you create an app that works with your medical device the app must support all future versions of the OS on the day they are released for the life of the app.” The compatibility list and “don’t install security updates” shenanigans are dangerous. For example, in 2021 there was a zero click vulnerability in Apple’s iMessage that an attacker could use to compromise an iOS device by sending it a text message. Dexcom didn’t update its OS compatibility list until late 2022 leaving customers either vulnerable or unsupported. The only reason is cost. Medical device manufactures do not want to pay developers to test and keep their apps up to date.

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I agree that the issue with updates suddenly rendering a medical app incompatible is dangerous to say the least. But I doubt any laws we’ll be written to change it. That’s also why I prefer to use a separate controller, or at least have access to one to use as a backup. The idea of only my phone controlling my device makes me nervous - if it gets lost or stolen, you’re out of luck.

Amen to this!! So flipping IRRITATING! I agree 100% with @spdif who said they shouldn’t throttle phone updates for pump compatibility - that’s bass-ackwards.

I agree completely that the FDA should require that Apps be updated to current IOS standards much more quickly. I do the same as Dorie-use my CGM Receiver as my primary device for glucose readings. With the G7 you can use more than one device, so I use the G7 App as a secondary device (in case I leave the house with phone & forget Receiver). I do notice that the G7 App on my phone loses the connection to the sensor far more easily & frequently than the receiver does, even when both devices are nearby. I highly recommend everybody get the Receiver that’s compatible with their CGM. If your insurance covers the CGM sensors, it will cover the Receiver.