Diabetes Timeline


The following link gives the "Time Line" showing the history of diabetes. After clicking, look in the lower left hand corner of the page. Place the cursor on the little box there and hold the left mouse button down. use the mouse to slide the box to the right and see the history of diabetes unfold. I love this Time Line, from Dlife.


That is a really cool link. I learned alot from it and ever knew D went back that far. Thanks for posting it!

This is really awesome! It's surprising that incidences of diabetes were reported as early as 1552 BC! Makes me feel fortunate that I exist at the same time as all of these technological advancements that help me manage my D. Some of the time line events are really interesting.. the "Starvation Diet"?!

Richard, I could kill you -- I just spent an hour reading the entire timeline, lol. I learned some things though. (: (:

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.