Ok, i have been very emotional about diabetes. And its a problem for my sleep staying up till 12 in the morming crying because it feels like im the omly one fighting a battle against the world and i hate it. My best friend Courtney was there for me last year but is leaving my 5th grade year this year. So, who do i go to the office with when im low? Its makes me feel like, my friend Courtney, is leaving the battle and it makes me sad and wonder, who will be there for me? Will they be a true friend like Courtney? Will Courtney ever come back? awenser me plz i need help!

Hi Erin,

First of all, I want to acknowledge your bravery to come to this forum and ask your questions. Bravery and intelligence will bring you ahead in life so focus on those important strengths and you will be better than fine.

The road we’re on is not easy. It’s full of obstacles, friends leaving, mean bullies and hard choices but this is true for non-diabetics as well as diabetics. The good news is, having diabetes can make you stronger because you have to learn how to take care of yourself and depend on your own knowledge to bring you to where you want to go. If you can learn this very important life lesson at your age, you will be fully equipped to live a healthy good life.

You will make new friends, I promise. Just be patient and keep your head up. Cry if you need to and then move on to do some of your favorite things. If you like to sing, then sing, if you like to dance then turn on the music and dance your heart out - you get the picture. :wink:

Try to focus on the subjects you like in school, study up on how diabetes works and what you can do to make it more manageable - get interested in nutrition and fitness/sports which is at the core of every human’s wellbeing. If I was as young as you, I would want someone to tell me to harness all this energy that I have around diabetes (both bad and not so bad) into something that I can use in the future. YOU COULD BE A DOCTOR OR A NURSE OR THE SCIENTIST THAT DISCOVERS A CURE FOR THIS TERRIBLE DISEASE. You can help raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation so that they can find a cure! Try to see the opportunities in these bad or unlucky situations, they are there just keep looking. For example, I’m going to start a website with all the new knowledge I have about Type 1 diabetes and share delicious low-carb recipes that I enjoy.

Once you begin dedicating yourself to the things you love to do or the interests that you have, FRIENDS WILL COME TO YOU. Remember that there are many things that we cannot control. You cannot control that you have diabetes and you cannot control your friend Courtney from leaving. Focus on things you can control and let the other things be. You are not alone, I am here with you fighting this battle and so are the millions of people with this disease! Sometimes people will not understand this battle but that’s ok because you cannot control that. Be patient, strong and keep a positive attitude. These are controllable things… and never get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away. Good things take time, practice and perseverance (look up perseverance in the dictionary if you don’t know what it means - it’s a great word and you should keep it in your mind as much as you can).

I totally understand your fear, Erin. I am with you in this fight. I know I can’t see you but I am there with you emotionally and in spirit. It’s ok to feel alone and frustrated but don’t let that interfere with your awesomeness and all the awesome things you can do in spite of what’s happening around you.

Be happy, be well and be strong! The loss of your friend will pass - until then just let yourself go through the process of being sad and feeling alone, then get on with your life and be the best person you can be. I assure you it’s the best way to live.

Big Hugs,


Don’t worry about fighting the world alone there will always be someone there to help you get through your problems and battles of life. You’ll also always make new friends and if you’d like to talk to someone who went through 5, 6 and 7th grade and had to make new friends you can always talk to me or your parents or anyone else you trust. Just remember that your are never alone. My email address is diabetic816@gmail.com

You are not the only one battling t1d look at how many people use this website, they are all battling something to do with t1d