Diabetic camps!:)

soo im thinking about going to some diabetic camps...and being a counselor at one of them? any advice? anyone been to a camp like this?

How old are you?  If you're looking for a camp job for this summer it's probably too late (they hire in the spring).  There may still be openings if you want to attend as a camper.

I started camp as soon as I could, at age 7 and continued until I was 14.  In college I worked a couple summers as a counselor, but it was at Girl Scout camps, not diabetes camp.  

Diabetes won't stop you, but be prepared for a serious insulin decrease at first.  Diabetes camp was one of the best experiences of my life because I got to be a normal person while being surrounded by people who understand diabetes and live with it themselves.

thanks!(: im 15 and just got diagnosed 3 months ago! and why should i be prepared for a insulin decrease? my doctor suggested that they were looking for people like me to be counselors and said i should go to my own! it sounds really fun though, because their aren't a lot of people my age who have type 1 diabetes.:)