Diabetic Driver Tasered!

I saw this clip today and the first thing I did was have my son watch it. This is a GREAT argument as to why all D's should wear some form of Medic Alert identifier!


Check it out: http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/us/2008/12/09/dnt.kwtv.diabetic.tased.kwtv

Thanks for sharing the video! It really is an eye opener and a good reminder that diabetics do need to wear medical ID. However, it's sort of disappointing that:

1.) The man's necklace was beneath his closes. Personally I think this is irresponsible.

2.) The police couldn't recognize the difference between his low bg and him being drunk.

It is reassuring, though, that police are trained to tell a difference between intoxicated and low. But, just in case, that's why I always make sure to wear my medical id jewelry :)

This is the main reason, according to what I've been told, why we do wear identification. Specifically, that drunken people do often show the signs of a low blood sugar, or similar symptoms. And with friends around us, especially because they aren't trained to recognize a low, a lot of times they'll assume you're intoxicated. Which can obviously be seriously harmful because if they simply leave you or roll you on your side, assuming they should treat you like you're drunk and you're really low, you won't receive the right help and it could result in... an even worse situation :) I think we all know what could happen, but let's not dwell on that :)

They tell me this is also why the people you hang around with should also know you are diabetic, and you shouldn't go alone if you are low.

I wonder if being tasered affected the man differently because he was low? Don't know, just a thought.

Again, thanks for sharing!


i just saw that last week, i was not happy with that guy or the cops, but then again i would probably taser the guy myself. "you idiot, wear it correctly."

I think the thing that ticks me off about stuff like that is that it was half just the cops having a big head.  The man wasn't resisting from what you could see in the video, he was not responding.  He wasn't punching, or kicking, or spitting at them.

Then the cop that asked, "Are you having a diabetic problem or just a drunk problem?" That is very disheartening.  I think that, even though police officers protect us and deal with some of the worst-hearted people in the world that they also serve us and do owe us respect.

I think they assessed the situation poorly and over-reacted because of their egos and adrelelin.

Two very good friends of mine are officers, and two more are EMTs and they were all very critical of how that was handled.

THAT SAID: is there a sticker or something available for the side of a window on a vehicle?  Even a necklace out of clothing wouldn't have been that visible in that light.  A bracelet, maybe, but that's not everyone's thing.

I know you can get Medic Alert stickers.. I was a Firefighter for 4 years and we DID look for them on cars and houses when responding to a scene.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to slap one right on the window on both drivers/passengers doors.

Law enforcement tends to lean on the side of "their safety first" then others. I guess the fear of being gunned down tends to make you a bit more cautious.

As a civilian, the more we can do to identify the better..

oh my gosh thats awful, thats a real eye opener for me, i dont have anything saying i have diabetes exept a card in my wallet with medical information on it

Well if that doesnt just tick me off then i dont know wat would! Apparently you can see how well the officers have been trained. I dont think it would b a bad idea if diabetics made it rountine for everyone to hav medic. alert stickers on their cars just we do our medical jewery :-)

the thing is a lot of diabetics don't have medic alert jewelry to wear because either A they don't feel that it's necessary because glucose levels are good or B it's too defining for them. i know when i was younger i just never thought about wearing a necklace. that was until last year when i was in a wreck for being a speed demon trying to get to class.

how do u get a medic alert sticker for your car?