Diabetic First Aid kit

Hi guys! I have to put together a first aid kit for my health class, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to put in there. I have all the basics that I carry around with me anyway in case of a low, but I'd love to hear ideas. So far I have: glucagon kit, spare lancets, syringes, insulin, ketone strips, spare test strips, insulin pen, pen needles, meter/strips/poker, a piece of paper with emergency contacts, a piece of paper with signs/symptoms of high/low blood sugar, needle clipper,alcohol pads, gluclose tablets.

I also put in those little cheese and cracker packets (that disgustingly never go bad :)  for a snack after a low - once bg has come up.

Oh yeah, I didn't even think of those! Thanks!

I pretty much carry around the same things, except instead of syringes, pen supplies, and needle clipper, I include cartriges, cannulas, tubing sets, and IV preps, because I use a pump.

In your case, before I had my pump I kept owner's manuals for the meter and such in my first aid kit.

Kind of interesting how those cheese and crackers never go bad...  They tend to get crushed instead.