Diabetic Friends Forever?

Hi, my name is Nikki. I was diagnosed at the age of 2 and have had diabetes for 11 years going to be 12 years on April 21, 2014. I will be 14 on January 10,2014. I love music. All genres. I don’t have a pump, so I call myself an old school diabetic. I only have the test kit, insulin pen(Humalog), and at night I take normal insulin(lantus) from a syringe. I only have 1 diabetic friend where I live and we don’t really communicate to each other a lot because she is popular and I am not. Anyone wanna be my diabetic friend forever?

I know how you feel being one of the only people in your school with diabetes. there’s only three people in my school district and 2 of them are only like 8…
Anyways one of the main reasons I joined this site was to connect with people so i think it’d be great to connect with you!
I am 15, almost 16 in January and have only had diabetes for 5 years but actually just got out of the hospital because of Severe ketone acidosis :stuck_out_tongue: yay me!
Message me if you’d like to talk more(:

Hi, my name is Katie and I am 14 in February. I also joined to connect with diabetics my age! I would love to talk to you more if you want!

I am also the only one in my school with diabetes and was diagnosed at the age of six. I would really like to talk to another diabetic around my age! Us Diabetics kinda speak our own language!

I personally would love to be Dff’s with you!
I think we have a lot in common!
I was also diagnosed at age 2 (nov 18) and am 13 years old (jan 16th)
I lie the same things, too!
We could start a thing!!!

sorry i meant like not lie!!!

Hello my name is Riley and I was just literally diagnosed on January 6th of this year so it’s all really new. I am thinking about the CGM and the new Medtronic pump. Just a question… does anybody play contact sports like basketball or cheer… i am worried about having a pump and getting hit or grabbed on the infusion site… ouch!!! I too am the only one at my school and could use a friend with the same condition. Nikki, i love music too, and i play piano and drums with my older cousin.


I love music too, I used to take piano lessons but it sorta just stopped… anyways I play basketball, cheer and i also play softball in the spring. Anybody on a Diabetic Honeymoon or has been ever? In case ya don’t know, its when the body just starts making insulin again for a period of time it’s really cool cuz you don’t need any insulin from the insulin pen!!!

Hey my name is Maggie, and I was diagnosed in 2002 at the young age of 2 with T1D. I have now been living with diabetes for 12 almost 13 years. I have a bunch of experience with diabetes (including all of the struggles) and would really just like a group that I can vent to. Along with meeting some other people living with T1D. I’m going into high school when school starts back and would love just to have another diabetic to talk to since I bet their aren’t going to be very many diabetics in my new school. oh and Rilyrainbow, I have a Omnipod which is wireless and would totally recommend it to any one! You can do anything you want. As long as your near it when you do a cite change or when you bolus, you don’t have to be anywhere near it!

I was JUST diagnosed in May, and have yet to meet anyone in person who has diabetes. I have been in contact with a woman who’s son has it, but I know no one personally. I’m 23, so being diagnosed now is a bit more uncommon… :slight_smile: Hope you find someone.

I’m Meredith. I was diagnosed when I was 10 years old. I like music too, I even play the flute! None of my friends are diabetics, although there are a couple more in my school. I’ll be 14 on January 12, 2015.

Hi I’m Katie and I will be 15 in August! I was diagnosed when i was 4 and would love some diabetic friends to talk to!

Hey Riley I’m shay and to answer your question about pumps no it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d expect. I’ve fallen n gotten hit right in my site before n u don’t really think anything of it ull end up forgetting about it n it’ll feel like if u were just getting hit on the arm or somethin. I swim n since u are required to take off ur pump it takes away hassle but I’d recommend getting a really sticky adhesive I’d recommend skin tac it’s really got and if u. Put it on ur site 9/10 it probably won’t get soggy n come off and while ur playing sports, it’s really a whole lot easier to take off ur pump bc here in nc we really don’t have a lotta uniforms with pockets n also cause u don’t want ur pump to fall while ur running. My last pump tip is when ur putting on ur pump put the adhesive on the. Skin, then insert the infusion set, then put some adhesive on the infusion set fabric and it always works. Also if ur putting the site on ur leg make sure the tubing is going up towards ur stomach. It gives u a lot more room n it’s easier. O and you can check the Medtronic website for ways to snazzy up ur pump and meter and other diabetic necessities with skins, cases and supplies in really pretty colors. Hope this helped bc ya kno us diabetics have to stick together n I was diagnosed on November 5, 2007 when I was 7 n now I’m 15 so ull b fine go play hard

Hey Nikki I luv making dffs sure I’d want to be friends I was diagnosed even I was 7 now I’m 15. Lol I remember my dbff n I useta make a cake the day we were diagnosed each year just for the heck of it n it told us “DIABETES U FIGHT LIKE A GIRL” lol n trust me we can fight. That’s y we wish diabetes was a person lol

Hey everyone, it’s Fiona again!!!

I was thinking about the DFF’s and thought “Hey, not everyone has only one BFF…” So… I thought we could ALL be DFF’s and have a group chat, like on the app Okhello or WhatsApp and then even Skype sometimes.

If u guys are interested in being DFF’s/pen-pals, u can send me ur email address and info*** (with parental permission, of course…) at diabetic816@gmail and I’ll get back to u all and we can chat about what app/site…
This could really be a LOT of fun!!!

Luv y’all!!!

*** I mean like ur age and name…

Heyyy :slight_smile:
My name is Eichelle and i turned 14 this year.
I don’t have any friend with diabetes but i would LOVE to make somee! Add me if you want too xx