Diabetic Friends?

Hey guys, I'm Grace.  I was diagnosed at 10 and have had diabetes for 3 years now. I don't have any diabetic friends or know anyone with diabetes. Am I the only one without a diabetic friend? Any takers?(: Please talk to me! Thanks.

Hi grace! My name is Methos. I have been diagnosed for a little over a year. I was diagnosed at 13. Welcome to TypeOne Nation!

Have you ever gone to diabetes summer camp?  When I was a teen that was the only way I met other people with diabetes.

Hey Grace! I’m Julie! I was diagnosed at age 12 and have also been a diabetic for three years! Same as you though, I don’t really have any diabetic friends! I know like one other person at my school who is diabetic, but she’s a senior and will be gone next year anyway! Haha! I’ve heard a lot of great things about diabetes camps but I always have such a busy summer that I can never go! But I’m sure you’ll find that there are plenty of awesome diabetics on this site who would love to meet you! Chat me if you ever need anything! :o)

She's right. Diabetes summer camps are great ways to meet diabetic friends. That's where I met a bunch of my diabetic friends. Also, its a fun experience. I am actually going back to summer camp this July.

Hey, my name is Aislyn. If you’d like to become friends, go ahead and text me or call. We could always Skype if you have it. How old are you?