Diabetic Girl low BS in school Trauma... Spokanne, Washington

So i have my opinions on this, but i am curious to others. I found this on another forum i belong to and thought it's something that should be shared.



Hi Jessica,


It's a little unclear to me from the news story exactly what happened.  However, when you're dealing with a diabetic and low blood sugar, it really can be a life or death matter.  Acting in time is essential.  You must get the food into you, whatever it takes... and there may be no time for asking, an explanation or a discussion.  Furthermore, a hypoglycemic diabetic is not in any condition to enter into a rational discussion.  I say..., take the food, eat it, feel better and then explain what happened.  Most peolple will understand.  I believe that Caitlin's Elementary School even understood what had happened.

well  what i got from the story was this: girl has hypo, asks her friend to go get her fruit snacks from lunch line, one of the cooks comes after the friend and as the diabetic girl was about to treat her hypo took the fruit snacks away from her saying "you've already had one you can't have two" (or something) which means the girl did not treat, and tried to explain it to the cook she was having a hypo so the cook took her to the principals office. the principal then made the diabetic girl write a formal apology to the cook for "stealing" the fruit snacks.

where i am unclear is if and how the girl eventually treated her hypo.

Another problem is with the principal. i don't expect a cafeteria worker to knwo every student and any health problems they may have, but i do expect the principal to know. or to at least investigate such a serious claim, as "i have diabetes" and "she stole fruit snacks claiming to treat a hypo"  before issuing punishment to anyone!  obviously the girl is alive and well, so something must have been done eventually for her.

But think how embarrassing that must have been for her. It sets a bad precedent about telling adults she has a problem. and in wash state the have a law for diabetics that they are never to be denied food or drink even without paying for it and that the costs can be settles after the medical emergency.

my last issue comes with the parents. I completely agree with their route of education. great. but they "do not want to get anyone in trouble"????  if my daughter's life was at stake for any reason, i would want to make an example of someone. especially the principal. as i said its not the cook's job to know the kids, but it is absolutly the principal's responsibility to know something like that about students! how can one be a place of authority, with that power, and just not even know who's lives they have in their hands.

sorry long and kind of ranty, but it really hit home for me.