Diabetic hand

has anyone had trouble with their hands? i have had type 1 for 33 years, i'm now 50 years old and having a lot of trouble with my hands. i've been to 4 hand surgeons that cannot diagnose me. it's a combination of dupytren's contracture, tendonitis (sp?), trigger finger, cysts or nodules on knuckles, etc. I can't find a doctor willing to operate. it's getting worse by the day. any suggestions? my A1Cs are 6.8.

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel a few years ago.....I had the surgery to correct it in both hands.  I recovered fine.  Will they not operate because you are diabetic???  The surgeon is an orthopedic surgeon.  Don't know if this helps or not???  I hope you can find someone/something to help!

I had pregnancy-related carpal tunnel and tendinitis a couple of years ago. When I saw a rheumatologist, she said people w/ T1 are likely to have these problems.

Sorry you aren't getting more answers, but I'd definitely ask around to get more opinions if it's such a problem for you!

my test for carpal tunnel was borderline. only one doctor is willing to just "go in there". the others don't feel comfortable going in without a clear cut mission. and i am told if you operate on dupytren's too early it can make the problem worse. i have seen 4 othopedic surgeons.

my rheumatoid panel was completely negaitve, so it's not rheumatoid arthritis, ms or lupus and the inflamatory markers were negative. but now i'm having muscle twitching in one hand and neddle pricks in the other hand. none of the doctors know what it is after an x ray and mri. thanks for your comments.

I'm sorry I don't have a better answer, but 2 thoughts...

1. Was it a neurologist who ruled out the MS? If you're having twitching, you should be checked by a neurologist, to look for an essential tremor, nerve damage, and whatever else.

2. Have you seen a physical therapist for a consult to help w/ borderline carpal tunnel. That would be a first step for anyone before surgery to make sure a less invasion option wouldn't work.

Deborah, sorry to hear about this. I'm 52 and have had D for 32 years.  At present my hands are in pretty good shape.  I get the hands falling asleep things sometimes.  My doctor says I may have early caapal tunnel going on.  I play drums and work with computers, so that's two risk things there.

I'm glad to hear it's not arthritis at least. 

I hope you can find a good treatment for this.

Have they ruled out Celiac's?   Is it just your hands that are effected or do other joints give you a problem also?