Diabetic Horoscopes

The horoscope this morning, the one that is usually saying things like, "You should really avoid people right now. Just stay home," was actually positive. I don't think it's a T1-compatible horoscope. I think it's a general populace horoscope. So it got me to thinking about T1 horoscopes and what they would look/sound like:

November 13, Sunday


Leo, you will wake late this morning to no lows or highs. Your checking habits are sounder than usual. You will have success in all of your boluses, although in the middle of the day, you will encounter a tall, dark blood sugar level. Keep your wits about you during this encounter, and all will soon be resolved. Be prepared for sudden change. All that you meet will notice the way in which you stand poised, and beeping. The planets favor insulin to metabolism ratios; get ready for a positive day!

Anyone else on here have a T1 horoscope? If so, would you care to share it?