Diabetic Humour

Do you guys think diabetics have a special sense of humour? Like we find ways to laugh at our disease and things related but other people don't find it funny? 

A little while after I was diagnosed (so around age 9), my mom had given me my shot, and she accidently dropped it onto my toe. And it stood straight up. We couldn't stop laughing, but whenever I bring this story up, everyone looks at me like I'm crazy! Or when we laugh at the crazy things we say/do when we're low. I feel like diabetics have an amazing sense of humour.

Any stories you guys have that non-diabetics just don't find funny?

OUCH! I've never done anything like that, but I have done some crazy things when I'm low. Me and my sisters will laugh at it, but my dad doesn't. The only problem is when they tell the stories to other people and don't preface it with, "when her blood sugar was low" then people just think i'm psychotic! =P Like the time I jumped around singing "I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy" yikes! lol

I haven't done anything like that,But I make jokes ALL the time.

"Dad! Let's sell my pancreas on the black market! We can say it's 'fully functional.' "

"Mooom! I can't have too much candy! It'll hurt my pancreas!"

"Duuuude,you punched me so hard my pancreas might start working again!"

i totally get this!

me and my diabetic friend are in a health occupations class and we crack jokes all the time! :)

all our friends stare and ask what was so funny, we tell them, and they stare some more. they just don't understand. but it's nice because i feel like we're in a secret club or something. haha. :D

I always crack jokes with my friends and family, so it eases the tension sometimes. People at work always ask me to do something, and I sarcastically say "I can't, sorry. I'm a diabetic.."- and then I'll start to do what they asked. I know it's a serious disease, but we like to joke around too :)

I crack  jokes all the time.

when ever someone gets near me with some thing sugary I say "Don't spill that on me my skin will disolve." the expression they give is priceless.