Diabetic Hypocrite

Alright, so I wish that someday there is a cure but I also want to become an Endocrinologist because it is a job involved with diabetes. I am torn between both.

Endocrinologists treat more diseases besides diabetes, but I'm sure that if you pursued this career you'd find plenty of opportunity to help those with T1. Your unique perspective and firsthand knowledge of diabetes would be so helpful to anyone who faced similar challenges.

...also, as an endocrinologist you could be one of the links that helps find the cure. Go for it Lauren!

Lauren, I have 2 thought for you...

1. Sadly, I don't think a cure is right around the corner, so you probably have time to become an endo!

2. Even if T1 and even T2 was cured, you could treat gestational diabetes, thyroid conditions, growth problems, etc.

Good luck with your studies! I'm always impressed by people who put in all the time, money and effort to become a doctor!

P.S. I had an endo w/ T1 once. She was very judgmental and not very patient w/ me. Make sure you're kind to your T1 patients!! LOL

thanks for your advice. i am only in 8th grade but this is something i think that would help my life. i do know that endocrinologists deal with more than just diabetes. Diabetes is a main reason the career interests me. plus my mom has thyroid. I would also be very patient with diabetics because I know what they are feeling. As soon as i get out of high school, i only have 8-10 more years of schooling.