Diabetic ID Bracelet

I lost my diabetic id bracelet today somewhere and have been looking around for it, but I doubt that  I am finding it anywhere! Does anyone know where I can get one or does anyone have on that I can buy or have? I don't care what it looks like, i just need one soon!

I know some pharmacy's carry simple ones(at least in Canada), or you can order one online at http://www.medicalert.org/

go to laurenshope.com they have the cutest bracelets!!

stickyj.com also has alot of cute braclets.  Go to Google and search for medical id braclets.  There are a ton of sites to look at and alot of them have different styles from one another.

StickyJ's med bracelets are ADORABLE!  I always bought the legit ones but I was barred from using them because I was scratching myself when I flopped around during low-blood sugar seizures.  StickyJ has these bracelets that are totally flat and have ONLY rounded edges- the bracelet part is actually interchangeable.  I bought three different bands.  I would definitely take a look at the site.  They had some really cool options I'd not ever seen before.  

You can also just run a search under Medic Alert bracelets and you'll get hits for a number of different companies that manufacture products.  :)


OH: there is one downside to StickyJ- they don't have any type of database for emergency personnel to access.  The only information they will have is what you have engraved on your alert tag and/or what you or a loved one tell them.