Diabetic mastopathy

Curious if anyone here has experience with diabetic mastopathy? I had never heard of it but saw an old posting in this forum about it. I am 42, type 1 for 35 years, no complications other than frozen shoulder in both shoulders. Anyway, routine mammo followed by biopsy revealed Lobular Neoplasia (formerly called LCIS). In my case surgeon is recommending an excisional biopsy to remove the entire suspicious lesion just to be sure and to do a full path. I am feeling comfortable with this plan but I stumbled across info on this site about diabetic mastopathy and am wondering if this is something I need to ask the surgeon about? Anyone have experience with this diagnosis, if so, how did you find out?

Yes Lauren @lacadu I’ve had mastopathy in my 19th year with diabetes.

On June 9, 1975 I had a complete left mastectomy due to what appeared to be to be breast cancer - as the surgeon told me, not as common in men but definitely not rare. If you have suspicions, I recommend that you get advice from a competent medical professional.
Our not quite four year old son “discovered” mine for me. While we were reading bedtime stories he banged his head back against me - it hurt sharply and I rubbed with my hand and found a significant swelling.

Went to my Juslin doctor the next morning and he called in the surgeon - … . Yes, foll recovery and no recurrence.

Thanks for the quick reply! I will double check with my surgeon.