Diabetic Nephropathy

My 16 yr. old son is going through further testing to determine if indeed he has diabetic nephropathy.  Does anyone else have experience with this either themselves or a loved one?

I've had nephropathy since I was 14 (13 years now). I had a serious illness when I was 13 and my kidneys suffered damage. Thankfully, with medication, my labs have all returned to normal. For the last year, any kidney damage has been undetectable. I go back next week for another check up - hoping to keep with the good news tradition :o)

Thanks for sharing! If Jake is diagnosed, I hope that he has a good of luck as you do! I hope you continue to have good health!

I was diagnosed in 2004 with it and now am in stage 4. There are plenty of tricks the docs have to slow it down. the most important thing is to maintain tight control of blood sugars though.