Diabetic retinopathy and pregnancy

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this site.  It is ver encouraging to find a support board/group for other Type 1 diabetics who currently are or are considering getting pregnant.  I have had diabetes for 21 years.  I am currently 29 years old and my husband and I are considering starting a family.  I haven't always had great blood sugar control, but have worked extremely hard in the last 12 months to get it under control and am making good progress.  One question I did have though- I do have diabetic retinopathy and did have laser surgery on both eyes about 12 months ago.  My eyes have done great at all follow-up appointments since then and at this point I haven't needed any further treatment.  I was curious if anyone else out there has had diabetic retinopathy and then got pregnant?  Did the pregancy affect your eyes?  Did it get worse?  Stay the same?  I absolutely know that blood sugars need to be in control during the pregnancy, etc to be healthy in general, but I'm curious if I should expect more issues with my eyes.  I appreciate any insight.  Thanks!