Diabetic rock gods?

Just lookin' to see if there's any other diabetics out there who love to rock out.  Maybe in my region, wanna jam a little?  If so, what do you play?  How long have you played it?  Give some details, we know we all like to toot our own horn.

I play guitar, been playing for about 2 1/2 years strong. I play rock, mostly classic rock.  I play a American standard Fender strat that's olympic white, 22 frets, bascially looks like the same guitar jimi played.  My amp is a little 30w weak line 6 spider 3 amp, but i'm hoping to replace that soon.

As for my acoustic to play chill relaxing songs for my friends, I've got a takamine & co. acoustic that my dad bought in japan while he was in the navy.  It is the best acoustic i've ever played and it's probably my favorite guitar.

So what do you guys have?  What do you like to play?

My top 3 fav. bands to play are...

-The Beatles

-Jimi Hendrix

-Led zeppelin.

But I play a lot of new rock too.

I like almost all genres, but I am also really picky.... I play bass but unfortunately I do not live close to you.  Hopefully you can come check out my band at MidPoint Music Fest in Cincy on Sept 25th.  And if you can't make that show, we are playing Chicago, Sept 30th.  We are doing a big Midwest tour this fall... It would be really awesome to meet you as well as anyone else from this community that wants to come rock with us!  Anyway, if you want to check out our tunes we are at www.myspace.com/thebandbeforedawn or www.beforedawnband.com.  It is rock, it is high energy, it is danceable... It's just FUN!

Oh and for some reason I think White guitars are just the sexiest!  I have a White Yamaha RBX4 A2 and I love it!  It is kind of a metal bass but that is ok because I like the aggressiveness of it!  A bass that I want in the future is the Fender Aerodyne in white with the black binding. You can ONLY get them in Japan though.  Some day it will be mine, OH YES!   I have a fairly small bass amp too but it is awesome and really pushes some air.  It is a Hartke Kickback 12.  When I play shows it really just becomes more of a monitor for me...


Lol right on!  I really digg it.  You guys sound really good.  It's not really like the music I play so I can't relate too much, but I would def. like to see you guys next time you're around~

I play accoustic guitar. I don't play much rock. I'm more jason mraz style.

I've been known to play a little rock now and again.  I play drums and keyboards.  Presently I'm in a blues band and a brass marching band.  We do play Mustang Sally in the blues band and Rock 'n Roll, Bro Hymn, Ant's Marching, Can't Stop, and Sellout in the brass marching band.

I have a marina green yamaha drum kit and a KORG TR keyboard.

Check my myspace link below and listen to 18 for my best rock example on the internet.

Some of my favorite rock bands include Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Keith Emerson, Train, Living Color (probably my all time fav), Linkin Park, Kansas, the Doors, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Frank Zappa, and probably a few more I'll remember as soon as I hit Post.

Tonight at the soccer game I met Alan White, drummer for Yes and on Imagination by John Lennon.

[quote user="Kate"]

Anyway, if you want to check out our tunes we are at www.myspace.com/thebandbeforedawn or www.beforedawnband.com.  It is rock, it is high energy, it is danceable... It's just FUN!


Kate, I checked out your site.  I also listened to all your tunes on myspace and watched the vids.  You and the hubby got it goin' on!  I'll say Cool Stuff with one reservation.  That is you don't have a drummer!  I'll quote one of my favorite bumper stickers "Drum Machines Have No Soul".  There, now that I got it out of the way, great job.  Your stuff sounds fun and danceable.  The video of you playing "Robbed in Miami" was cool.  You guys do an impressive job on the studio wizardry too.  I'm impressed.

I'm jealous.  It's very cool that you and your husband can participate in this together.  That must be neat.  My wife is a very good singer and I've tried to get her involved but she doesn't want to.  So presently we're in a silent treatment snit because she says I spend too much time away from home "having fun with your friends".  She's probably right and I'm going to make changes if she'll ever talk to me about it.  Yall probably don't have this problem.  

One last thing.  If you ever want to work some real drums into any of your songs, hit me up.  I have a recording rig at my house.  Send  me your tracks and I'll add some drums and kick 'em back to you.  Could be fun.  I've done this with others over the internet.  Something to think about.

Anyway, yall are awesome.  Keep up the good work.