Diabetic Seizure

Has anyone ever had a diabetic seizure from a low Blood Sugar???

I guess I had one last night while sleeping and didnt even know about it until this morning when my GF told me about it.  I guess I was sweating, and having a seizure.  Then once she put her hand on my chest I stopped, and was I guess awake for another 1/2 hr afterwards answering questions she was asking but non-verbally.  Then this morning I had a really hard time waking up to start my day.

Before bed my BG was 70 mg/dL, had my Lantus a bit before this reading.

So went to bed, and this AM after hearing about what had happend in the night checked my morning sugar and it read 59 mg/dL.

How low does one have to be to have a Diabetic LOW BG Seizure???  I am thinking if I did go that low, then my Liver must have shot out a bunch of Glucogen in response in order for me to be at 59 this morning.

I've never had one, but I think it's a good idea in the future to call 911 or a doctor if you have one. A friend of mine w/ T1 had a seizure in college, and she assumed it was from a low. She got checked and it turned out to be from something else.

Glad you're okay!

You can be anywhere in the 40s or below to have a seizure.  I've never had one that I am aware of but have come pretty close.  Did you eat anything before you went to bed?  It's very dangerous to go to bed under 100, (my nighttime target is 120).  Also, were you able to check and take some glucose gel or something when you were awake afterward?  Your gf should have given you some sugar or glucagon if you couldn't eat anything.  If she didn't know what to do she should have called 911.  

We all learn from our mistakes.  Hopefully you will be able to find what went wrong and prevent further scary nighttime lows - they are no fun.  Good luck!   

That sounds very scary and the part I am confused about is- did your girlfriend not have you eat/drink anything before letting you go back to sleep? 

If she didn't, it seems to me like you were lucky to have woken up in the morning at all!

I've certainly had my share of diabetic seizures.  Almost everytime I've had one, I can later think of something I could have done to avoid it.  All of them have happened with a low BG during my sleep, I've never seized during the day, while awake.  Somehow, when I'm sleeping, a low doesn't awaken me.  I would describe my diabetes as 'poorly controlled'.  The seizures are what has got me to the point I am now, wanting better control, and taking the steps toward better management.  I'm afraid that one day I'll come to conciousness in the back of an ambulance, after a glucagon shot, with an IV in, and perhaps .....no teeth left in my mouth, due to seizing and falling down in the process.  Vomitting has become VERY common for me with these night time lows, and my spouse fears that I'll choke.  I've injured myself numerous times in the process, and had to be observed for concussion twice. NO FUN.  I think I still have a picture from the time I thought I broke my chin bone, X-rays revealed I'd only chipped it.  If I can find it, I'll post it on my profile.


Here's to WELL MANGED diabetes!