Diabetic Software?

Our 9 year old daughter was just dxd 10-09-09 and still trying to get the hang of things. Saw some stuff on software that is supposed to be able to help keep better track and help keep from the roller coaster highs and lows. Does anyone know about or use it. Does it work?


Thanks for any info.

the software to me sounds like sumthin to can do yourself in a log book. I never really heard of software but I think the best acessories to keeping your self in better control is a alarm clock that goes off everytime you need to check, a log book to keep track of your blood sugars, and a emergency book that tells you what to do in case of a emergency

The only software I use is Carelink, which is a program that syncs up my glucose meter via cable and it uploads my sugars.  You can turn the data into graphs and tables.


This only works for some glucose meters and insulin pumps (not sure if your daughter is on one yet, but once she gets the hang of things a pump could be a great thing). 

The only other thing you'll need is a cable to link the meter to your computer.  You can find it at drugstore.com for about $30. 

I hope this helps!  This is a very trying time for your family, but you have a support system here and it will get easier. 


I had issues with the logbook and writing things down. Things went great the first two or three weeks but after that we started to slip. We would remember the meter and insulin but sometimes forgot the logbook and trying to come home and find the number to enter in was a pain.

We solved that by getting my son the One Touch Ultra Smart Meter.

When he takes his blood sugars it will record the level and then he can also record the amount of insulin he took. It will allow for medicines taken, exercise, food intake etc. A great machine.

You would have to purchase the download cord to attach to the computer (it ran about $20.00) but was great.

Really easy to set up. Great charts and graphs.

Now I just plug my meter up to the computer (the meter will say PC) and launch the One Touch software. It will download the data on the meter.

What I really like about the software is that you can easily manually add things to the program on the computer. If you use another meter you can add the insulin and glucose levels. There is also a way to fax and email your endo the info.

Read the manual for some basic set ups and your good to go,