Diabetic Sues Sushi Joint Over ‘Discriminatory’ All-You-Can Eat Policy

Here are this week's headlines from Diabetes News Hound that are relevant to people with Type 1 diabetes. If you would like to receive each edition delivered directly to your Inbox for free, you can sign up here. You can even customize the news to fit your type of diabetes. The first story is about a Type 2 diabetic, but I included it because I thought it was an issue people in this forum still might find interesting.

Diabetic Sues Sushi Joint Over ‘Discriminatory’ All-You-Can Eat Policy

Researchers Uncover Alpha Cell Role in Beta Cell Destruction

 NFL’s Cardinals’ Matt Ware Honored for Battling Diabetes, Injuries

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I just read the sushi story.  The deal is a little weird, but this dude doesn't need to unnecessarily bring diabetes into this mix as an excuse for not knowing the all-you-can-eat policy and trying to make up his own rules.  Owner offers to right the wrong by bringing you more carb-free fish and you refuse for what reason?  Quit your whining and go home.

Don't drag down the stigma of having diabetes down with you.

Ideen, I'm with you on that.  The guy is just looking to make a few bucks when the business owner tried to offer a very fair alternative (based on a very fair all-you-can-eat policy).

The first place I read that story, there were just TONS of commenters saying, "He shouldn't be at an all you can eat place if he's diabetic!"  It drove me nuts that first, these people were making wild generalizations about diabetes (not only did the story not say what type he had, but how would a bunch of fish make his diabetes worse anyway?!), but I kind of felt that it was a little bit this guy's fault.  It's not like people with diabetes don't already ahve a bad rap and a stereotype for being fat, indulgent, and lazy, but now this guy is going to draw the public's eye to a ridiculous law suit of an all-you-can-eat policy?

Yeah, tearing down the stereotypes, woooooooo!