Diabetic Teenage Girls in Need

There are approximately 1,000 Type I Diabetic children in U.S. foster care at the present time, not including those in other dire straits. These are children without support networks, who will age out of the foster care system and, 25% of the time, be incarcerated within two years, who only have a 3% chance of earning a college degree compared with almost 30% of the general population.

Up until now, our nation's health care and social system has failed to serve this population, but the Cyndie Parks Memorial Home for Girls is working to change that.

We are working to open the nation's first home exclusively for Type I Diabetic girls, ages 14-18, who are in foster care already or who have an unstable home life and need intervention. The home, a 501(c)(3) organization completely supported by private foundations and individuals, will be a safe, uplifting environment for the girls to live while they transition from childhood to adulthood. They will learn self-care and transition skills to help them succeed in life, because every child, no matter what might stand in their way, deserves a chance to overcome and fulfill their potential.

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