Diabetic website recommendations

Hey all! It’s Shay! Welcome 2017! This means this is the year I graduate. (GO CLASS OF 2o17) I say this because I have just completed and presented my graduation project based on the influence of diet on diabetics. With everything done I am inclined to create a website of my own based on diabetes and everything that goes with it. What I would love to know is what do you all as the diabetic community want to see on the website. This website is meant to target everyone in all age groups especially teens and youth. So let me know! Thanks! I know 2017 will be great!

Congratulations Shay! I have been T1D for over 50 years and would love to see what your findings are. I follow a high fiber diet, have for over 30 years! Do you recommend this type of diet? Why or why not?

T1D 52 years

Hey Pam! Wow 50 years! You really do have fingertips of steel! :). For a diet, as I have told others in the past, there is no such thing as a diabetic diet because as long as we continue to take our medication and eat in consideration, we live as anyone else. As for your high fiber diet, I think that is a great idea. Studies support that high fiber diets are significant contributors to weight loss and control. As we know weight in do ushers is a vital factor because it poses as a domino in the domino effect. Once your weight is controlled then your diabetes begins to control itself better because without all of the fat and barriers in the insulins way to the blood stream and pancreas allows blogs sugar levels to react to insulin or food which gives your body time to keep your blood sugar levels from shooting through the roof or dropping into valleys. :). Along with a high fiber diet, I recommend adding cinnamon, green tea, coffee, flax seeds, lean proteins PLENTY OF WATER. At first the water part was kind of hard for me to grasp because I loved soda do much but with more water I feel a lot better and I’m aware that I can incorporate drinks like sparkling water which taste great. My favorite flavor is between cherry lineage and pink grapefruit. Just another mineral that is surprisingly good for control is chromium. Chromium is found in foods like broccoli cheese whole grains dried beans corn dairy eggs chicken potatoes mushrooms, etc. Chromium is a good mineral because it is glucose tolerant which means it works with insulin to control the blood sugar and held regulate carbohydrates in the cell. WELL. :slight_smile: I know this might be a little more than thou asked for but I hope it helps. I recommend your high fiber diet and with diabetes for 50 years it sounds like you’re doing something right!