I hate the word "diabetic," or even "diabetes." It feels so foreign, the word feels funny when I say it. I wonder if I've even realized that's what I am, diabetic?

Does anyone else ever think about this?

I think we all do Alyssa :)   We are all people not diabetic in my eyes.  When I get down, I sometimes call myself a 'bad diabetic' like a lot of people do but we are more than that.  You for example are a student, a daughter, a friend - whatever it is - you are a person with diabetes.  I believe the moment we say I've been diabetic for blah blah blah or I'm a diabetic then the disease has us.  I am a husband, brother, friend, biker, baseball player, stock trader, co-worker, writer (not good but hey!) way before I'm a diabetic.  You manage it - you are a person who has type 1.  Paul had a really good blog about just this, you should check it out!  Be well.

In fact (if I can paste it correctly) here is the link to Paul's  post....  http://juvenation.org/blogs/s76/archive/2009/06/04/diabetic-or-diabetes.aspx

The word has never bothered me, in all these years.  I guess I just never had it define who I was as a person.  I'm still a mom, wife, sister, daughter, etc.  I'm just a diabetic too.  One of many adjectives to describe me I guess.  It never seemed like a big deal.

Personally I prefer the word "diabetic" and opposed to saying, "I have diabetes"...I think it's because I CANNOT stand the way Wilfred Brimley says the word in those commercials we've all seen on TV.   "Dia-Bee-Tus!"

(Here's something funny I found on YouTube hopefully this link will work...just in case you've never seen the commercial I'm referring to)


I think being diabetic makes us unique.  It's not who we are...it's just one more special thing about us. :o)



I guess I've never really been bothered by "diabetic" or "diabetes."  It's just an aspect of life.  It seems facing the words that describe the disease are by far the easiest part.  

Well over the yrs the word "diabetic" or "diabetes" have never really bothered me and when I meet new people it's not always something I metion off the bat. But I also agree with others that we have diabetes and that makes us "special" or "unique" And alot of the people I meet have gotten used to the fact and most of the time don't look at me any different because I don't always define myself as a "diabetic" but instead I'm a women, girlfriend, mom, daughter etc... 1st and for most.

But I would have to say that there are those people that you meet and when they find out that your "Diabetic" and give you that look or the attitude(I think you all know what I mean) and those to me are the most fustrating people because they have this preconved notion about us, what we go through and they think they know the best for us.


It really doesn't bother me if some refers to me as a diabetic or having diabetes.  Whenever I have to tell someone I usually say "I have Type 1 diabetes" rather than saying "I'm diabetic".  And yes, I do always stick the Type 1 part in there otherwise people will start talking about pills which I know nothing about.