Diabetics and parents, PLEASE READ!

Hi, my name is Dania Rahal and I am a student and a type 1 diabetic of six years. I am currently conducting research on the effects of type 1 diabetes on a child’s self-confidence at school. I believe that we sometimes forget that the complications of type 1 diabetes can transcend physical effects, and I think it is important to analyze how type 1 diabetes can effect a child’s mindset and behavior at school. I hope that this research can either help diabetic children better understand themselves or help parents better understand what their children may be facing.

I would really appreciate it if any diabetics in grades k-12 could take my survey linked below to help my research (with parent assistance and consent). Parents, if you have diabetic and non-diabetic children, please have each of them do the survey.

If you would like to have a copy of the research results, please provide your email address at the end of the survey, as I would LOVE to share the findings of my research with you! My ultimate goal is to help diabetic children get the help that they may need. The safety of my participants is of utmost importance to me, and no information that could possibly reveal the identity of anyone will be disclosed in my research, which may ultimately be published in a student journal.

More information and the survey can be accessed by this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z6T8MC7

I am depending on your support. Thank you!!

Dania @daniarahal,

I have read your survey introduction and outline of your intent and praise your goal However I won’t be admitted as a participant because I completed grade 12 59 years ago.
However, I would like to receive your findings and a copy of your final report. I do not intend to critique your work or “watch over your shoulder” but rather to learn from you and if appropriate use your findings in my ongoing effort of working with PWD; I’ve had diabetes for over 60 years.

I’d be happy to share my research with you :)!! Do you have any grandchildren who would perhaps have T1D, or that would like to take the survey regardless?

Thank you Dania, I appreciate learning all the time.

As for grandkids my grandsons live a distance and experience diabetes for only about a week or two per year. As for my granddaughter, she is now in her 20’s and knows a lot about diabetes and about being with someone with diabetes - me. She lived her early years with us, checking my BG when she was three or four and by the time she was six was measuring my insulin doses [under strict supervision] and giving me shots. she was the first to ever insist on calling EMS to assist me - yes, her mother, our daughter, was charge medic for the county and taught her well. Actually our granddaughter’s words were when she saw me acting pretty stupid, “I’m calling my mom about you”.


Oh my goodness! I wish I was that capable at 6!

Please please take this survey! If you have non-diabetic children, have them take it too!!