Diabetics Do Not Have To Be Perfect

Dr. Stephen Ponder is a type 1 diabetic, and has had diabetes for 44 years. He is an endo and a pediatrician. His articles are very, very good. I see his articles on Facebook and have befriended him there. Here is one of his more recent articles:


Dr. Ponder is quite awesome. He's the Endocrinologist at the summer camp I work at :)

Even though Dr. Ponder is himself a T1 diabetic, his message appears to be directed primarily at T2 diabetics.

Thanks for posting this link, Richard.  I really enjoyed the article.  Especially what he said about not trying to be perfect, but just making good decisions based on your knowledge and experience.

I like his attitude.

It makes me think of my own little philosophy: People with diabetes need to manage things the way that works for them, not by a specific set of unwavering rules.  Like my mom (a nurse) was aghast when she first saw me test my blood sugar without cleaning my finger first, but I knew I hadn't touched anything likely to affect the results and I know that I simply would not test as often if I only tested after washing my hands or cleaning my finger.  (And I have some safety policies about it. Like if the result is much higher than what my CGM says, I'd retest properly before giving myself insulin).

I'm always reading or hearing other PWDs mention habits that I would never want to fall into, but I don't judge it because I know that you have to do what it takes to keep treating consistently.  I just assume it's like my bad habit of not washing my hands.