Diabetics=more artistic/creative

I've been talking with a lot of you and I've noticed that ALL of you are creative people.  I was hoping that this thread could serve as a place to share work for the artistic/creative diabetics here.  (I know there is a group but I wanted to make this thread easier to come by)

:) So why do you think we are more artistic/creative?

That is such a good idea,I'll be watching!

All great art is made through suffering? (don't know who said this other than Dimmu Borgir :] )

how do you add the pictures?


if you click on the icon to the left of the scissors that looks like a film strip it will pop open a window.

I don't know about this comment that all diabetics are more artistic/creative. I can't really agree to that. Well art skill wise I am all thumbs. While I like to take pictures and make up stuff, most of what I do is pure BS (and I don't mean Blood Sugar). It could be more of a personality thing, that those we are running into on here may be more outgoing and such, but I bet if we were to poll the skills and talents of the 5,000 plus members out there in Juvenation we would the ratios to be the same as elsewhere. You could be right though, I just tend to look at myself and I don't feel as if I fit the mold. I mean Alyssa does, but than she is the greatest. :-p

Whatever, Brian.

That isn't creativity, per say, its actually called a computer and too much time on my hands. So it doesn't qualify.

And photography is creative, so you do so count.

Can't I be eccentric. I mean when one thinks of the definition of eccentric I sooo fit that model. Creative... not so much.

Yes, Brian. You can be eccentric :D (but you're still creative, so.)

LOVE the pictures,and Brian,post something,we will love it too!

Gina, those are so pretty!

Gasp I'm so jealous lol

Thanks I need to start drawing more

Your artwork is wonderful gina :)

I'll follow up with some more pictures soon.

I like taking pictures of treees and nature =)

These are incredible, Vered (and everyone else, too, I believe I forgot to mention that). Very earthy :D

before and after autumn/spring

Yikes! Those are intensley incredible, Greg. Like wow.