Diabetics who love Broadway

So i don't really know if im doing this right but i wanted to know if any other diabetics love Broadways shows and stuff like I do

OMG!! My little brother LOVES Broadway!!!!! He's diabetic too!!

I LOVE BROADWAY! and anything musical!

In high school I always wished just one day the entire cafeteria would break out in unison song and dance.. but sadly it never happened.

Hahah That's your dream too! I am a theater geek so anything musical or play or anything is my life

Hi Scott!

I can't answer your MM question since I haven't used their CGM, but I do use Dexcom.  I had to smile when you said that you sleep right through the alarms.  When I first got my Dexcom, I thought the alarms were so loud, that I'd get scared out of bed.  A year later, I'm in the same boat as you, sleeping through alarms.  Sigh. 

I hope someone can jump on here and answer your question soon!  (And welcome to Juvenation!)


I don't think it matters what CGM you use... your body will adjust to sleep through the alarms.   

Be a good idea for hte companies to allow you to change the alarms so your body doesnt' get to used to it.  We've used Medtronic & Dex - and I now sleep through both if I use them for any period of time.  Usually the first few days or even week I wake up but after that...  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


I put mine on vibrate then set it on the counter next to me with stuff by it that will shake. Sometimes it will even knock stuff onto the floor. That always wakes me up. You could also try just attaching it on vibrate to your underwear or nightshirt.