Diabulimia & other eating disorders

anyone out there struggling with this..??

I could use some support and i'm sure you could too!


Hi Kristin,

I have struggled with diabulimia and was hospitilized about 4 times in one year because of me going into DKA. My guess is that you would like some help with this issue or else you would not have written about it. The best thing you can do is to talk to someone about why you are feeling this way and how they can help you to overcome your disorder.

Diabulimia is life threatening and if you don't seek help right away you can get really sick and cause some serious bodily harm. I know that this sounds easier said then done but, if you talk openly about it with your parents and tell them you need help I am sure they will not be mad at you and get you some medical attention.

If you need anything else you can talk me privately by clicking on my name and sending me a message.

Hang in there.


my best friend in the whole entire world is also diabetic and just this year we found out that she had been suffering for a few months now i love her like my sister finding out that she wasnt taking insulin scared me really badly i got upset so i started taking way to much insulin and bottoming out to take the insulin she wasnt getting i dont kno wat i was thinking but raechel got better she spent 3 weeks in rehab in minnesota we live in illinois so i was sad and i missed her alot then she didnt go to school for a while to get her numbers in range and now finally she is ok she went off to college a couple weeks ago and man do i miss her but i am so proud that she over came this issue

I know how you're feeling. I struggled with it (diabulimia and various other eating disorders) for years. Sometimes I feel like slipping back into my bad habits.

It seems so easy to just let yourself get caught up in the weight loss and get used to feeling horrible because no matter how sh!tty you felt on the inside, the outside made up for it, but honestly, in the end, it is not worth it.

The side effects are not worth it and diabulimia is life threatening. Your body can't deal with the blood sugars OR the nutritional imbalances you're throwing at it.

I'm here anytime you want to talk! I understand (will try to) what you're going through.

Hey Kristin -   I understand you are struggling and because you are putting this out there, I know you want to do the right thing.   It's not going to be easy, but you've already taken one of the biggest/hardest steps - asking for help.   

I would recommend talking to your diabetes doctor about your struggles.  If you don't have one, check on your campus and see if there is an endocrinology department in their college of medicine.  Give them a call and ask them for help.  Or call the campus health center and see if they can recommend any local doctors.  You need to talk to someone about this and let them help you get back to a healthy lifestyle. 

I would also recommend askng the college health center if they have a counselor you can talk to.  Sometimes, just getting it off your chest, to someone who wont' judge can be a very theraputic activity.    Good luck and stay strong.  You can do this and know that you are not alone.