Diagnosed at adulthood

So I’m 31 and was just diagnosed with type 1 a little more then 3 months ago. It has beenvrough since this all started and finding help or advise in my area isn’t the easiest. Having general questions like
“does everyone have good and bad days or is just me or is it because this is all new to me?” or
“if anyone else went through a denial period once diagnosed??” is hard to get answered. The mental aspect of having this is what I’m struggling with. Like I said I’m new to all this but I am starting to have more good days then bad so i’m happy about that. Any advice or suggestion would be great.

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@AndrueZ88 Hi Andrew and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum.

From what I’ve experienced in my seven decades trying to figure out and manage my diabetes, the answer to ALL your questions is YES. Sad to say but no matter how hard you try, you will experience many “bad days”, you will go through some periods of denial and wonder ‘why me?’ .

My best advice right now as you are just getting into this diabetes-thing, is to take each day as it comes and don’t beat yourself up when your BG sky-rockets [mime still does that on occasion] or when your BG drops and you need to treat yourself to some tasty sweets. I kind of like it when I need to get off my bike and eat a granola bar. Your “best answers” could come from by observing yourself and seeing how different foods or exercise affects you, keeping a small diary and look back to see what you did on a good day, and asking [on here] any question you have - there are many people here you have been just where you are.

In addition to that, try to find the best, most informed endocrinologist that you can, and if there is a Certified Diabetes Educator [a CDE] in your area make an appointment; I’m not a medical doctor and suggestions I make are based on my experience and experience of other people living well with diabetes.

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Hi Andrew!! Welcome to the forum!!

As Dennis pointed out, good and bad days especially unexpectedly, are the norm especially in my life!! And don’t be surprised when you do things: eat, exercise, etc and then you get WILDLY different bg’s!!! For me that is what is most difficult!!

I have also found trial and error to be king with this disease!! Especially concerning exercise and activity. U have to figure out what works for you. Logging is a PITA ( pain in the a$$) but sometimes it can give u a clue as to what is causing a series of highs or lows or certain recurrent patterns.

I wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult either. 52yrs old for me & it’s only been a month shy of seven years. I also find the mental health aspects the hardest to deal with.

I’m very lucky to have a very supportive circle of people around me!! They have my back as I do theirs. Without this support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Find some people in your inner circle be they family or friends you can confide in and talk about your emotions concerning your new diagnosis!

Again welcome to the forum and keep coming back. Sometimes just reading a thread I come across answers to questions that have cropped up!! And please let us know how you are doing!! HUGS!!

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