Diagnosed During an Asthma Attack

Hey everyone!

I was diagnosed just over a month ago now! Some days it seems like I was diagnosed a week ago, and some days it feels like a year ago. I was in the second week of an asthma flare, my doctor advised me to stay home from work but I work at the University of Iowa Hospital so I went to work anyways. I rationalized it by telling myself that I would be even closer to the ER in case of emergency. Well emergency came, and I went to the ER because my nebulizer wasn’t helping and I just wanted to breathe. After a neb treatment in the ER I was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for the discharge papers so I could go back to work. At that point the resident came barging in shouting at me for lying to him about having diabetes. As far as I knew I didn’t have diabetes!! Apparently my blood sugar was 515 (He later apologized after my awesome primary care “talked” to him about bedside manner). The next day I was officially diagnosed by my primary care and hospitalized for mild DKA with an A1C of 11.8.

The diagnosis wasn’t a total shock because I have multiple family members with T1D, but we thought I was in the clear since I’m 23. Apparently not. In better news I was accepted into the MPH program for Epidemiology at the University of Iowa 4 days after my diagnosis!!! I start this August! My life has certainly been a roller-coaster this month. I’m hoping for a much quieter May.

Currently I’m doing MDI using Novolog and Lantus pens. I’m not currently interested in switching to a pump but I am very interested in a CGM.

Welcome to the club! Yes, unfortunately while most cases are diagnosed by the age of 20, it can happen at any age and even late in life. That’s quite a story about that resident…hope he learned a good lesson there! Med school will be crazy, so a CGM would be great for you. Once a year or so has passed, your insulin requirements should be pretty stable and you can look into a pump. I’m glad MDI is working OK for you for now, but a pump will give you so much more flexibility, especially with an erratic schedule. Hope you have a nice stable May.