Diagnosed on thanksgiving day at 17!

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up out of my head. I couldn’t walk and I was slurring my words. I couldn’t really communicate. My parents immediately called 911. The EMS checked my blood sugar as I was laying on our couch… all he told my parents was “It’s higher than 600.” They then tried to get me to walk down the stairs to the ambulance outside… I couldn’t even do that… they had to carry me. Finally we got to the hospital and I was mad because they wouldn’t let me eat or drink anything but ice chips. They did lots of test. Finally the doctor walked in and told my mom that I was in DKA and I was being transferred 2 hours away to a bigger hospital into PICU. They took me 2 hours away via ambulance and I still was basically out. My mom knew I wasn’t myself because I was letting them poke me and put IV’s in me like it didn’t even hurt, and she knows I hate any kind of needles(well they dont bother me now). As we arrived to the hospital they sent me straight to the PICU(I was still out of it). They checked my blood sugar every hour, by thanksgiving night it was down to 405. I was dehydrated, they had to pump 15 liters of fluid in me. I had a fever of 102, an infection which they could never find but treated me with antibiotics for everything, my blood pressure was low so they had to do a Direct Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring catheter, they did a spinal tap, went into a coma, they put me on a venilator, I asperated when they put the tubes in and got pnuemonia,they kept me sedated and out, had a cat scan done, multiple chest x rays, went into septic shock, had multiple breathing treatments done, had 3 IV’s in each arm, and had a picc line. After being sedated and out for 6 days, they took my tubes out and put me on a CPAP machine, after that they kept me on just oxygen. The last day I was in ICU, was the first time I was aware of everything. The gave me a liquid diet of sprite zero, beef broth, jello, and italian ice. I thought it was the best meal ever! lol. My nurse came in for dinner and surprised me with good news that I could have solids if I wanted! So my FAVORITE nurse ordered me a hamburger and fries from the cafeteria! :slight_smile: I felt like I was in heaven!! even though I couldn’t eat it all due to losing so much weight and my stomach shrunk. That night about 12 am, I was moved out of ICU!! I was so excited! (even though it was hard due to my mom being the only one there and we had so much stuff from people bringing stuff for me!!) My new room was smaller so I was kinda bummed. I wasn’t able to sleep AT ALL. (I guess from being sedated for so long) 7 am came, and i woke my mom up to order me breakfast! I ordered pancakes, sausage, potatoes, cereal, milk, grape juice, and tea! My eyes were bigger than my stomach! haha The only thing I ate was cereal. That day we had a diabetes educator come to my room for “class” where my parents and I learned about diabetes, how to draw up insulin, how to work the meter, and etc. A couple days passed, and I got moved to a even lower floor! Which meant process!! :slight_smile: As soon as we got everything situated, a child worker came in and told me (theres a zoo right by the hospital) they were about to skype the zoo to come down to the park!( there was a inside “park” on the pedi floor) I was excited as I havent seen anything except white walls for days! There was my first time to walk the halls, so It took me awhile to get to the park. As soon as I got there, they said the elephants stepped on the cameras and broke them. I was like wow just my luck! haha. I ended up getting a popsicle for walking that far so I was fine! lol. Couple days later, was finally MY day to go home! I was SOO ready! but not ready for the 2 hour car ride home!

Sorry for the long story! lol
comment with your story!

Hi @taylarmackenzie16,

Wow, what a story! I am glad you are doing ok!

I was also diagnosed two days after Thanksgiving when I was 25. I had not been feeling well for a really REALLY long time. The month before I was diagnosed I was fighting a really bad sinus infection that just WOULD NOT GO AWAY. So, I stayed home from work to go to the doctor. My sister was also home sick and needed to go too, so we went together. I went in first, they did the routine, check the weight, pee in a cup, blood pressure etc… I told him how I was feeling and he checked my ears and throat and told me I had to go on antibiotics.

Since, I was there and had been feeling so bad for so long, I decided to make a follow up CHECK UP From the neck up on the way out, of course after I was done with all of my meds, which was a couple of weeks later.

I went back to the waiting room and they called my sister in. She came out a little later and then they called me back in, and took me to a room again and said the doctor would be right in. OH, NO I thought something was wrong with my sister. My doctor came into the room and said We have to do a finger stick on you. A what? I finger stick, because you have diabetes. WHAT? I FELT LIKE I WAS DEAF. He told me my urine came back with high levels of sugar in it and then he checks my finger and he tells me 360. I had no idea what the heck that meant at the time. All I know is that my world was turned upside down in the matter of minutes and I was being driven to the hospital by my father a half hour later.

When I got to the hospital it was the fastest process ever, they were waiting for me to arrive because my Primary called them ahead of time. I really had no time to process anything because it happened so fast, it felt like I was dreaming.

I was in big time DKA and lucky that I went to the doctor that day, because I am not sure what would have been my fate had I not.

It was a three day stay of IV Fluids, learning how to give injections and checking blood sugars. It was a day that changed my life forever! But, I am happy to be able to talk about it nonetheless.

Thanksgiving must be a popular time of year…I was diagnosed just before Thanksgiving when I was 1. My little sister was not quite 2 months old and spent her first Thanksgiving at the hospital with my parents, me and my Grandma.

If I remember the story right (I obviously don’t actually remember any of it, lol) I was at about 250 when I was diagnosed. My mom had been noticing some symptoms of diabetes and we were living with my Grandma at the time who had seen my Grandpa’s symptoms when he was diagnosed in his 20’s. Apparently she read Dr. Spock and got more worried but tried to convince herself that I was too young. But then they had a baby get diagnosed on General Hospital (Grandma’s favorite pastime is soap opera’s) and my mom decided to have me tested. The doctor told her that I was really young but that because of the symptoms he would run a urine test. Sure enough it came back positive and we were sent to the Children’s hospital about 2 hours from our home.

We spent a week down there being trained. My parents fought with a lot of the doctors to be able to keep my blood sugars in a normal range (at the time they ran little kids in the 200s) and they fought with them to be able to give me extra insulin depending on what I ate so that I could eat what I wanted (for the most part). They finally found one that would allow it, the head of the department, and I’m still his patient (and he did a presentation on me when I was little about keeping toddlers in normal range.) They didn’t have lantus or novolog/humolog so we couldn’t just give a fast acting injection to cover meals. I’m not really sure how they made it work, but it did for 10 years until I got a pump (and my HbA1C as always been 7 or below).

I was really lucky that they caught it so early, which I guess I can be thankful to soap operas for, haha. I didn’t have any IVs, and the nurses thought I was really entertaining because I was the only kid on the unit that was happy and could run around(it was a mixed unit so most of the other kids where there for other things). I made a collection of balloons from the play room that kids had forgotten, I was blissfully unaware of anything being wrong whatsoever. I also know my parents got permission at the end of the week to take me to the hotel my mom, grandma and sister were staying at so I could go swimming. They had to promise my doctor that they would come right back if anything seemed off. It’s so different than what most newer diabetics I know experience. I know a little 3 year old, diagnosed at 22 months that was sent home after 24 hours, and I was barely allowed to leave the hospital for a couple hours after nearly a week!


Wow, for once soaps good for something other than a time waster LOL

Anyway, you are lucky they took you as soon as they noticed symptoms. Most people just overlook it. Sounds like you have very proactive parents/grandparents!

I was also in the children’s ward, my mom made them put me in there (yea, and I was 25) She told them she didn’t want me to be with “sick” people ! LOL It’s funny how they try to protect you no matter what age you are!

There actually weren’t many kids just a couple, and they were very young. I got a room to myself, but I think it would have been better if I had a little kid to play with, because I started going stir crazy as I was hooked up to the IV for three straight days, and it was annoying to walk around with that thing!

Hi Taylor! I am also 17! I was diagnosed this past August , on the 7th. For the entire summer I was extremely thirsty and had to urinate constantly. I assumed it was just because of the heat of the summer. It got extremely worse when I went on vacation in July to Ocean City , MD. After I got back home , my forced me to go to the doctor. That day they checked my blood sugar, and it was around 350. They broke the news that they believed I had diabetes and immediately planned for a trip to a nearby hospital. I ended up missing my first day of senior year, as I was in the hospital for the next day and a half. These past few months have been an experience to say the least , lol. Because of very supportive family and friends, I have been dealing with my condition very well. Hope all is good! Don’t be afraid to message me of you want to talk to a fellow diabetic teen!