Diagnosed with type 1 as an adult

I was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 25...Anyone else out there diagnosed as an adult?



I was diagnosed when I was 18. Someone who works with my husband was diagnosed with type 1 when he was in his 50's. I don't know how that happened! But I guess it's possible!

I was diagnosed at the "young" age of 48 as a Type 1!!  There was no real warning except for flu like symptoms that would not go away after 4 weeks.  I remember the ER nurse yelling at me for not taking care of my diabetes, and I hollared back that I was NOT a diabetic.  I had blood work done at that very hospital 2 months prior for my failing thyroid, and nothing gave anyone a hint.    It has been a little over 6 years that I still find myself learning new things.  The hardest is explaining the pump to others.  Many employers view it as a strange cell phone.  When it is explained then, they look mortified.  The most standard question...So you have something stuck into your body all the time?  

    The other thing is that no one else in my family has diabetes....my oldest sister did just get diagnosed as pre-diabetic since her stroke, but the Drs. felt that it was due to food consumption with no exersize.  Who knows


  Miss Maggie

I am 32 and after 2 weeks of test was just diagnosed as Type 1 today.  Haven't started my insulin therapy yet, have an appointment on Thursday to get that started.  But I am really overwhelmed by all the information I'm finding and really unsure about how this is going to effect me in the future....


I was dx with type 1 at 25 as well. I still have a hard time talking about it . I currently wear a pump.

Diabetic at 27. But I'm glad that I got it later in life. I think it's easier to deal with as an adult. For me personally anyways.

Aug./08 in ICU, DKA, bs of 672, a1c of 13.2 and 52 years old. Now for an even weirder part. I my be misdx'ed. For about a month I haven't needed ANY insulin. Mind I don't know why. Example: just ate 3 starburst candies, 1/2 hour check I am 121, eat a turkey sandwich, 1/2 hour I am 141 and for the weird part 2 hours later I am 88. I am diabetic hve no mistake about that. Drank a large lo carb monster and was 171 a 1/2 hour later, then an hour I am 121, then 85 at 2 hours.

Who knows!!!!! LOL 

I was diagnosed when I was 7, but my dad was diagnosed at age 35.  Strange timing, isn't it?  People always say, "Oh, this person didn't have diabetes before they were diagnosed," but I think the genetic defect is there, but just is manifested at random periods of life.


diagnosed type 1 in July/10 at the age of 46-waiting for the omnipod to come to Canada this summer

i guess i'm lucky that i've had this for about 40 years less than many people, but i'm still a little pissed...

Diagnosed at 21..although I had symptoms for about a year prior

diagnosed at age 42 in 2007 November 30

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diagnosed at age 42 in 2007 November 30


long story....was put on pills at first but then I got infections, high blood glucose and a spinal cyst that put me in the hospital.....that is when I was put on insulin

Gina, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009 at age 19. I was a sophomore in college. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I would constantly drink, urinate, horrible abdominal pains, and I was losing my vision. This continued for about 3 weeks. My mom and I didn't think anything of it, we just thought I was stressed from school and work and needed rest. One Saturday after I couldn't take the pain anymore, I went to the emergency room and my blood glucose was 672. I was terrified, I had never heard much about diabetes except it was common in people obese people and unhealthy eaters, but I found out those were only stereotypes, that were untrue. It's been very difficult adjusting to administering injections several times daily as a college student. But through it all I've remained a strong individual.

I was diagnosed two years ago at age 27.

I was Dx'd at 43yrs old a little over a year ago. I tell people I had a good run of 43yrs of doing what I wanted.

Hi everyone- 

I wasn't diagnosed as an adult but the JDRF just came out with new facts stating that 50% of every newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic, is an adult.  And that out of all Type 1 Diabetics, 85% are adults. 

I was diagnosed at age 12 but now am 27.  It's crazy to think that 85% of us are adults.  There's a group in Denver that I'm a part of that is for Type 1 Adults only.  We get together and have happy hours, go golfing, and we can talk about things in our lives no one else really understands.  Like where to put a pump if you're a woman and want to wear a dress.  Or when you were first diagnosed if your vision changed, did it go back to normal.  But what's really great about the group is when an adult is recently diagnosed, they can join us and ask anything they want and they can feel connected to others who live the same lifestyle as them.  And not have everyone thinking that they are Type 2 or could just lose a few pounds and exercise and be fixed. 

So if any of you want to join a group like that, ask your JDRF chapter if there is a "YLC Group" in your area.  (It stands for Young Leadership Committee, don't know why)  If not, start one like I did.  We've grown from 5 people to 35 in just 6 months.  There are thousands of us out there but no one ever talks about it.  And every ad you see for diabetes is either for older people with type 2 or kids with type 1.  They never show the kids who have grown up into adults or those who are diagnosed later on! 

I know this was kind of a random reply but I hope it helps.  There are people just like us everywhere.  You just have to be willing to look for them.  Ask the JDRF, your doctor or other communities like this one.  They might be called support groups but I think of it more as a group of friends with something in common. 

Take care everyone!

I was Dx's, on Jan 6th of this year, 500+ BS and 10.7 A1c,  already got the A1c back to "near normal" 6.0 today at the Endo, WooHoo!!! 

Keith221, I have a similar scenario, seems as though it is called a Honeymoon period for late onset type 1 diabetes the Pancreas is still producing some Insulin but this will eventually fail and we will then need daily Insulin.

By the way I am a 42 year old competitive MTB'er.  I had no symptoms at my yearly physicals even the one that was done just 6 months earlier in June of last year.

I am 27 and just got diagnosed this past October.

I was diagnosed 3 years ago at 21.