Diagnosis day party

My 6 year old son was diagnosed 11 months ago.  We have talked about having a party to celebrate so that we can continue looking at the positives of being diagnosed and how much healthier he is now.  Any tips/thoughts?

I think that is a great idea! YOu can celebrate by letting him have ice cream, candy or something invite his friends over like a bday party for your diagnosis

We "celebrated" Ellie's 1st anniversary of diagnosis by throwing a golf outing raising money for type 1 research.  We ended up raising about $12K that day - 365 days after "D" day.

We will hold the 5th Annual JDRF - Ellie Clark Charity Golf Outing again this year in August. 

And don't think it's too late to plan something big like a golf outing - we planned that first one in less than 6 weeks.


Waht a great idea, a golf tournament!  Funny thing is I've got a friend who mentioned to me recently that "we should organize a golf tournament for JDRF"!  I was so flattered, as this guy is not the type to be sentimental or even ask questions about my diabetes!  Anyway, I of course agreed with him, but things stayed at that.

My problem is that I'm not quite sure about how to go about organizing a charity golf tournament.  My husband has organized quite a few "bar/restaurant tournaments" in the past, but I'm not sure if putting the charity twist on things changes anything as far as the organization.  Any advice?  (This might just end up being the subject of a brand new post!