I was just wondering.... What was everyone's diagnosis stories? I know some are quite interesting so post them here I would love to read them!


i had a cold for a couple weeks then got all of the symptomns and recognized them because of nick jonas

my parents didnt believe me when i looked it up on web md and i had a doctor's appointment for astma so they waited until then ot get me checked thinking i was just sick

i went in and was 420

I was at Disneyland and felt TERRIBLE the whole time and when I got home I got the "flu" so when my parents took me in they got me in an ambulance and I went to the hospital it turns out my blood sugar was like 520 (43.33mmol)  or something after fasting for about 12 hours and I was in DKA...My A1C was 16.7 and if it went to 16.9 I might nave gone into a coma.  I spent 4-5 days in a hospital, no ice chips until day 2, no food or water until around day 4.... It's been 3 years since I was diagnosed and I have never had DKA since!