Diamyd vaccine

Has anyone out there started taking the Diamyd's vaccine? I understand it has not been cleared by the FDA for general use and is still in the phase three clinical trials but I was just wondering what kind of results people have received and if they have been able to maintain there "honeymoon phase" and or increase their C-Peptide levels.  More info can be found at their website if you are unfamiliar with with the drug.  Also dailymedicalnews.com is a helpful site for ongoing research throughout the globe.  http://www.diamyd.com/

As I understand, it's only being tested in Europe at the moment. It's primarily for newly diagnosed diabetics, but I hope they get it perfected!

I see that that they are doing testing in the US but for 16-20 year-olds which does not include my three year old son.  But seems promising at least for the possible prevention of some cases of type one in the future!  Got to love the advancement of science and technology.