My 16 month old son, diagnosed 3 months ago has had diarrhea for the past week or so. I mean every time he eats and it has a sweet smell. Is this diabetes related? I am going to call the doc Monday but I originally thought it was something he was eating but it hasn't gotten better and I have had to change a diarrhea diaper at 4 every morning. We are still having a lot of trouble getting his blood sugar down, he is always around 250-450. Thanks 

About a month ago my youngest had the same issue it lasted almost two weeks.  I called the endo and she said there had been a virus going around that caused this.  She said it should pass and just when I had enough of all the poop it started to get better we stuck to feeding him stuff like cheese, bananas and stuff that would normally plug him up.  you still might want to talk to the doctor but it should get better.