Did I do the right thing? and she isnt going to drop low is she?

The school called and Ri was at 421 @ 9:15 ish I ran down there gave check her ketones negative for them. She had not eating her morning snack yet and already had pe for the day they just sat there. Its a off week at school so everything is messed up. So I gave her 2 units of her novolog and had her eat her snack so about 9:30. She eats lunch at 11:50 this week. She had 32 units of NPH this morning and half a unit of log at 6:30. She is still on the stupid sliding scale until monday. So she only gets half a unit of the log if she is under 150 over its full unit. I am guessing I could have given her another unit at least and she would still be ok she has not been under 179 at lunch time all week and on those days around this time she was low 300's. I am just sick of her feel like poo when she just doesnt have to be.

I can't imagine she'd possibly go low after being that high and eating a snack. She's a child so she'd need less insulin than me, but I always find that once I'm over 280 or so, I need more insulin that I think I will to get it back down, like at least 5 units.

I hope it works out and that they'll be careful to recheck her this afternoon!

yeah by lunch a little over two hours after giving it to her she was 200 something I checked at the school but forgot by the time we got home. I just normally dont do it or never have but I am sick of her being in the 3 and 400's more often than not. She tested just now and is 271 its about 2 hours after lunch so it helped some.

I'm excited for both you and her on Monday! I hope you can work out a method that works better for her, and leaves you (a little) less worried about her. 


Also, I say this every time you post anything, but it's really true: you are doing a great job. i can't imagine how hard it must be to try to manage someone else's blood sugars, and i am so impressed with how you've taken on this disease and won't let it stop you! Keep up the awesome work! And keep coming here with the highs and lows (pun definitely intended).

lol thanks Ajax for the pun as well.

I am so ready for it its not funny. I am not even worried about her carb ratio once she is on a none peaking long lasting insulin. NPH just sucks for that. I already know her ratio will change through out the day depending on what she is eating. I also know if I under bolus it will be ok because its better than now and I will learn.

I have to say my daughter is already kicking butt on her own management. She wont let me get her snacks for her most of the time she likes weighing it out on the scale herself. I dont even double check her numbers any more on it. Partly cause I know what 5 carbs worth of peanuts looks like but still. She is really interested in the food parts and carb counting. I am proud of her for it too.