Did you ever pass out from a low blood sugar?

Something I have always been afraid about is passing out somewhere from an unexpected low blood sugar has this ever happened to anyone? And what happens after do you remember it? are you sick for days?

i have passed out before. you kind of remember it. and it was crazy how you do. the way i remember it was that i started to feel low at like 9 in the morning so i went by my feeling and had juice. and then i started to make breakfast with my grandma. me making eggs, she was doing the toast. well at one point i started to feel really weird and then i started to feel like i was in a dream soo i asked if the eggs looked ready and then tried to turn the stove off well i guess after that i passed out and hit my head 3 times. once on this rolling cutting board thing, then on the granite counter and then the floor. after my mom came it and gave me like 30 cups of juice i was all better. but i had to go to the ER because of hitting my head.

you don't really get sick for day but you get really emotional or at least that's what happened with me. like i was crying for like a week after it happened. and i refused to see any friends because i was embarrassed but now i just use it as a learning experience. but now im extra carful and i dont guess how low i feel or anything like that.


I haven't had this happen for a number of years.  I remember one of my first times and my scariest was when I was in eighth grade.  I remembered going to my locker and starting to get confused and having trouble finding my class.  That was around 11:00, I think.  Somebody found me lying in a stairwell around 1:00pm – I have no idea how I got there, what I did… the missing couple of hours really bugged me.  

I had one where I was dropping and driving.  I pulled over.  I remember frantically eating this raisin and nut mix I carried with me – but – to no avail…  It was a gray rainy day – someone saw me passed out next to my car and called it in.  I don’t remember getting out of the car… Talk about relying on the kindness of strangers...

I have had a number of others over the years.  These happened a lot in my teenage years when I was on NPH and Regular… When I came to, I was always fine and never remembered a bit of it.  Never failed to shake up those around me, though…  Growing up there was never any question this was one of those things that was a LOT harder on my parents than it was on me… 

Gina, I wouldn't worry too much about it some folks never pass out and if you are going to I would be hard pressed to come up with anything that will be fixed by worry...




[quote user="lara"] then i started to feel like i was in a dream [/quote]


one morning i was woken up by my mom and everything seemed like a dream. i must have been pretty close but i was only 2 or 3  .8 mmol/l. so nope, never.

When I was using NPH I had a lot of lows at night while sleeping.  I woke up in the emergency room the morning after my senior prom...that was great...glad to be on lantus now...

I think I've only passed out once while awake...right after my 2nd daughter was born...getting your body back to 'normal' after having a baby takes some time and it happens slowly...anyway...my husband and I had gone out and I forgot to check my sugar a couple of hours after eating like I normally do...we got home and I felt that low 'feeling' so I checked my sugar and it was 15...I remember thinking that it could not be right, so I rememeber starting to check it again...the next thing I remember is sitting at the table with my husband giving me juice and my mother-in-law (who was watching our baby while we were out) asking me if I was ok.  They said that they heard me hit the kitchen cabinets then the floor but I don't remember any of it. 

I never felt bad afterwards...the only time I've felt bad is when I do get shaky and sweaty which is mostly never...but not from having passed out...just low...after those lows I feel really tired and can't keep my eyes open.  Plus I get so cold that I put on flannel pj's and get under 3 blankets and it takes me at least an hour to stop shivering from being so cold...not sure why those are different because most of the time I have no symptons when I get low except that 'feeling.'

I have had 3 seperate instances where I have blackedout from unexpected low blood sugars.... my first time I was in my Freshman Biology class, and we were dissecting fetal pigs, and all of a sudden i felt to feel low so i went to get smarties, but the next thing i know my eyes are black, I couldn't see at all, then I lost my hearing and the next thing I know i'm sitting in a wheel chair  headed to the nurse... so luckly my adreniline brought me up fast enough, that I was 103 when i did a check, but my mom was extremely mad at my teacher for not calling 911 right away, and instead assuming that I had blacked out from the dissecting of the pigs and just calling a wheelchair.   I was just emotional for the next few days, but I wasn't sick.

My second time was when I was just with my mom at JoAnns fabric store, and we were in line checking out, and i felt my blood sugar just dropping, so again i quickly ate sugar, but it just wasn't quick enough because the same thing happen like in my Biology class, but this time I fell to the floor, and I woke up as I saw 3 ambulances parked outside, and I saw the doctors rushing towards me, again I was saved by what I'm assuming was my adrenaline, and luckly was able to bypass a ride to the hospital

The third and hopefully the last time, was in an airport with my family when we were waiting to get through customs on our way back home from vacation.  It was the exact same process, as happened the previous 2 times, and I haven't gotten sick any of the times, I just have found myself over emotional the next couple days.   I was just happy I have someone by me who knew I had diabetes all 3 times. :)

The dreamy state is probably one of the best ways to explain it. Things do start to get fuzzy and you really do not know what is going on. Blackouts have happened to me periodically, all when I was on NPH and Humalog. The worst thing about it though is trying to remember what happened, plus my family thinks its funny telling me what I was tryig to do. Frankly I never found it to be a laughing matter seeing as how I was not really functioning at the time. The weirdest thing I did was one day at school I was waiting in the refectory to get my lunch. And I guess I was hit with a low. I don't remember much, other than grabbing food, which happened to be the chicken pot pie and than I grabbed a hot dog and sat down to eat. My one friend Greg who was with me kept asking if I was fine, but I don't remmember this part and kept asking him why. Well Greg being the smart person he is figured out there was something wrong as I am a die hard Vegetarian and would never ever eat a Hot Dog of Chicken Pot Pie...

When we are talking about passing out.,.. are we basically discussing having a seizure cuz I have never jsut passed out... but have had a few siezures.

Once I was at the grocery store... and I remember getting really confused and the next thing I know I was at home at the kitchen table 4 hours later with a jug of juice that was half gone.... Apparently when I have seizures... I have had 4 ... i think... I get really Uncooperative.  At the grocery store they called 911 and apparently after I had come around which I obviously totally didnt cuz I dont remember anything I would not put my shoes on... because THEY WERE NOT MINE!!!! lol ... I had jsut gotten new shoes the week prior and obviously was not remembering lol.

AFter having incidents like these... it takes me a really long time to actually be menatally present.  Once I figure things out... I realize that my entire body is aching and I have the worst headache ever I also often will throw up... not really sure why... it noramlly will take me at least a day to recover and by the next day I can function I just feel a little beat up.

Funny thing with the whole uncooperative scenarios is that my sister who is also type 1 has always been the more... lets say... strong minded between the two of us... she always does waht she wants to do... whereas I more like to lay in the background... anyways... when her blood sugars go low she is the NICEST person you could ever meet.   Kind of funny I think that we are sooo opposite.


When I was first diagnosed, I was so scared of being high (the fear of complications is something that still moves me to be crazy diligent, but back then I was just out of control with my insulin) for any length of time that I was like an old West gunman with my insulin. I would overshoot and this led to me waking up surrounded by EMTs quite often. As I became less spastic about my insulin consumption, I found that one of my initial problems was that as insulin cut through my bloodstream more efficiently I was first using R insulin and when I first used humalog I'd shoot before a meal like I did with the R and I'd be eating and my bloods would be plummeting as I was eating. Playing a long duration sport like tennis also was a problem. I had a very notable tournament where I collapsed before a tournament...came to with orange juice....was almost DQed for tardiness and ended up winning the whole thing after that whole ordeal. Tournament director said it was the gutsiest thing he ever saw. And then having lost so much weight (I dropped 120 pounds on diet and crazy exercise) that I had to adjust insulin levels as my body processed things more efficiently. So, yeah actually despite all the major ground I've broke in not being so overzealous with the insulin, I still try to manage probably too tightly and this means that I still end up having a really bad, 'call the EMTs' moment maybe once a year.

As for what happens, I have no recollection of anything when I fall that severely low. It feels like there are spaces in your memory. Everything is very gauzy and dreamlike and you're in a different place. When you come out of it, all that time feels like someone took an eraser to your memory. I know that I sweat through everything I'm wearing when I have these episodes.

I had a night about a year ago where no matter I tried, I couldn't get my blood sugar to stay above like 30. I went and ate dinner and when I got home I started to feel low so I checked and was probably about 45 or so. So I sat down on the floor in the middle of the living room with a package of cookies and turned on the tv. I was checking it every 10 or 15 minutes it seemed and the readings kept on going down. During all that time, I don't remember what my 1 1/2 year old was doing or if I even had her with me at the time. At some point, my mom said she called me and I wasn't making much sense so she took me to the ER. I guess the cookies had kicked in a little bit by the time we were pulling into the parking lot, I checked my sugar again and it was 58. So instead of going in, we went over to a gas station so she could get something to drink. And it dropped again. We back to the ER and she told the person at the sign-in desk that I was diabetic and couldn't get my blood sugar to come up. She told me that I blacked out and suddenly I was important enough that they brought me a bunch of orange juice. I came too with quite a few freaked out people in the waiting room and still had to wait for them to even get me triaged. The next few hours are really hazy but there was lot of orange juice and a D50 drip and  the next morning I was in ICU and spent a couple days in there.  I was really achey... Kind of like having the flu.

I have never passed out while I was awake, but when I was pregnant with my twins I was on NPH and at night I would go into a coma like state and my husband would have to shoot me with a glucagon pen pretty often, and the next day I was usually very tired and wiped out, it is very hard on your body and takes a good day to recover. My husband tells me that I sweat like a running shower and thrash around....

Hey just thought i wud share my story...i have had 2 seizures (both at nite) and 1 where no one quite 4 sure. February 14 of last yr, i was driving home to my "country house" from my new house in the city. I started feeling funny bout 3 miles away from home, i was like o i must just be tired cuz it was like 11pm at nite. So i thought o no biggy i will make it home...i was WRONG!!! A mile away from my house i hit a telephone pole going 60mph. Everyones POSITIVE i passed out but not 4 sure if i had a seizure. Luckily i hit the pole right in front of my busdrivers house and her husband is a first responder, lucky me. I came to a couple of times and just remember my busdriver (Pat) saying c'mon hunnie wake up ur guna be ok, she was totally horrified. Once i realized what had happened, it had been a hr n a half afer the wreck. They had put a IV in n gave me sugar. I wish i woulda stayed unconcious cuz when i was alomost totally alert i realized the seriousness of the wreck. Just because i didn't stop anf check my BS i ended up wit 2 broken legs a shattered ankle broken right wrist 4 cracked ribs a collpased lung and my spleen was severed in half and i had a subdermal hematoma...(bleeding on the brain) if i would of just pulled over that never would of happened. They put me in a medicine induced coma so my brain could heal faster. Guess wat im trying to say is dnt be stupid like me! Pull over and check trust me it's worth being late 4 curfew!

P.S. if u wana c the car i wrecked go to my myspace...you will have to add me as a friend to c my pics but heres my e-mail if ur interested    kayla_shultz4@hotmail.com

I, fortunately, have never passed out from a low blood sugar.