Did You Exercise Today?

For safety reasons never give Time,location.etc....but I thought it would be a great motivation to hear what exercise others are doing..

Good subject.  I take this "dare" on livestrong.com.  Today (1-8-10), no I did not.  Unless you consider running 200 meters to respond to a call for two inmates fighting.  Most of the week I did get some exercise though. To include yesterday I played dodgeball for about an hour and a half, did push-ups when we lost (50 I think), and did some light grappling (20 minutes).  Also worked out Wednesday and got in a really good/hard work out on Monday.

Hope others get involved in this one.

Did a good warm up then five rounds of 21 reps of 135 lbs bench press and 200 meter run. Then finished with tire flips.  GLad I had two good guys to work out with.