Did you first learn to use your glucometer from a person or a manual?

I was wondering if a)anyone did not get some kind of personal instruction on how to use a glucometer when they got diagnosed with diabetes OR b)if you did get personalized instruction if it covered control solution testing, and how much did the training help you?  It has been too long to remember my glucometer training, and I remember my insulin pump meeting focusing on giving a bolus only.  It just seems odd that whenever I want to use an extra feature on my equipment that I still have to look at the manual.

hi Eric,We were shown in the hospital how to use it,but not how to do the control solution testing.I knew how to do this already because of my husbands d. The training was for her ....She has no pump yet,so I don't know about that.I will say that when she gets a new meter,I am reading all the instructions.I keep them because I go back at times for an answer.I will also call the makers of the meter and ask a question sometimes. :)

Mostly the book. I mean we watched them do it and a video. They watched us our first time doing it to her and said good. I read about the control solution and used it when we first got home. Not since but its been about 2.5 months.

It's so long ago, I can't remember :)  I can tell you this, however... that when I was first diagnosed we didn't have glucometers or blood sugar testing.  We tested our urine with "Clinitest.:  Perhaps just as interesting a question would be how many of you feel you really make use of all the "features" (mainly record keeping) of your glucometers and insulin pumps.  Another interesting question would bem how many of you have actually studied (or even read) the manual (s) which came with your glucometers and pumps.  I know I haven't.  I just refer to them if I have a problem or want to do something I haven't done before.

they had us try out the meter with them when we were in the hospital with cassidy, but for the most part i just tinker with gadgets till i got the hang of them who needs manual >.>

hmm, good question. to be honest, i don't remember, but i'm sure my parents read through the manual front to back after we got home. they usually do stuff like that :o)

both at the diabetes clinic i used to work at and the hospital i'm at now, we always have the patients play with the monitor and then check their own blood sugars to practice. that way if they have questions, we are right there to help them.

to answer paul's question(s), i don't usually read through the manual unless, like you said, something is wrong. i do, however, use most of the features on the computer software that came with my pump and meter. i love to see the patterns graphed out. it makes it easiest for me to see where changes need to be made, if any.

We were taught by a nurse in the hospital, but we could not use Ayden's actual meter in the hospital due to insurance reasons.  So, we were a little nervous when we got home, but only took a couple of tests to feel comfortable.  We did uset the control solution the first couple of times we got new boxes of strips, but have stopped since.