Did you have an epidural?

I know this is a very personal choice. I’m curious what moms with diabetes did?

I was induced for both of my daughters at 38 weeks due to BG control issues (going very low without symptoms, sign of placenta failure). For both, I went the first half of my labors without an epidural, but 12 - 15 hours with contractions from pitocin every 2 minutes that lasted 30 seconds turned to be too much for me - I ended up with epidurals for both. Only one of the epidurals worked though. :frowning: Both labors ended up over 22 hours.

I did not have an epidural with any of my deliveries. Growing up with the fear of diabetic neuropathy, I was too scared to make my self lose feeling in half my body.

I had one and am so happy I did!

@powvens - that is interesting. I actually did half epidurals for the same reason. Anytime I’d lose feeling in my legs, I had them turn it down. Something about not being able to move my legs myself really didn’t sit well with me.

Thanks everyone. I feel like there are enough things I’m at a higher risk for and prefer not add anything to the equation. I get why people do it but I’ve been told I have a strangely high pain tolerance so I think I’m leaning towards not doing one.

Is an epidural bad for diabetics?
I had one and am glad I did.

I haven’t been told they are bad for diabetics. There are some things I am at a higher risk for in giving birth due to diabetes and separately there are of course risks to everyone with an epidural so it’s just extra risk.

I had two epidurals and a spinal…all three failed and I ended up being put under general for my “emergency” csection.

I have a back injury from a car accident 7years ago that was aggravated a year or two later by another rear-ender and again when I was t-boned (they hit my back wheel and we were fine) at 30w so I was warned about back labour. It took two hours of giving me higher and higher doses for the epidural to work but it only went partially up my stomach but my back pain wasn’t as bad as I was expecting until I started pushing, then it felt like I was being ripped apart. :frowning:

Since that one had failed and it was determined babe was too big for me to push out they tried again to make it work, before trying a second higher up. That one didn’t work so they tried a spinal instead. When that didn’t work either (they all stalled the numbing at the same spot), they put me under general for the c-section.

They told me they think it was due to my back injury, that something prevented the medication from working properly. I was at the top maternity hospital in the province, so I don’t blame the medical staff for the issues. They tried SO hard and I could tell it was frustrating them haha.

No one told me there was an issue for diabetics to have them. My OB even highly recommended it for me and said most of her patients that refused originally ended asking for one during labour haha. Even my friend who had her baby a month before me was like “don’t be a hero. take the drugs.” haha.

I had an epidural with my delivery two weeks ago. Absolutely do not regret it. It worked amazingly well for me. I can understand how losing the sensation in your legs might be terrifying to some, but honestly, I’m such a ninny when it comes to pain I was just happy to have no pain at all. It was perfect. I was actually able to rest up and nap a bit before it came time to push. (which I’m sure glad I was able to rest, cuz I wound up having to push for 2 and a half hours to get baby past my pubic bone!!!) Would definitely do again! I have no pain tolerance, at all.