Diet or Regular?

Alright, guys: regular soda, or diet?

I’ve switched to diet soda since being diagnosed; that was the only thing I was aloud to have when I was admitted to the ER, even though I hadn’t eaten for hours. Now, whenever I go low and drink regular soda, it’s just not the same anymore :)

Yeah I am all on diet soda now since being diagnosed. And you're right, cause every time my sugar goes low and I drink like normal Coke or w/e it just tastes so different. Now I am a coke Zero addict ;)

When I was admitted to the hospital after finding out I was diabetic, my endo came in to visit me and said "What do you like better, diet coke or regular?" I obviously said, "REGULAR!!!" And then from behind his back he pulls out a DIET coke and says "Well, now that you're diabetic, diet soda will be your new favorite." haha. Nothing like crushing my dreams! But also, on another note, for overall weight control, diet soda is WAY better than wasting empty calories on regular soda and you also don't have to worry about giving insulin for regular soda. : )

Definitely diet. After drinking it since I was diagnosed (seven years ago), I hate regular. I think it tastes gross now. It's too sweet.

Always diet. My dad had switched to diet years before I was diagnosed, so I sometimes drank it anyway.

I'll drink either, but I prefer diet so I don't have to worry about a bolus.  Ahhhh the sweetness of feeling non-diabetic while drinking a nice, cold diet coke.

Diet, I drank it before diagnoses though(diet coke and diet green tea etc).

ok so i just kinda scanned what everyone said and most of you are talking about drinking diet... and i am a diabetic, but at the same time everytime i drink diet soda i get really sick, so i just drink regular!! 

diet coke for me :)  Then again, I was diagnosed when I was three so it's been what I was raised to drink...

Unfortunately though, some drinks in my local supermarket are switching to Splenda and no matter how much (or little) I consume, I end up with digestive problems, if you know what I mean ;)  At first I was wondering why, until I noticed the label.  I was unaware of the change.  Oops! 

Our kid drinks diet when we have pop, with the exception of when we do root beer floats.  ;o) ...but then, even as a non-diabetic it's not as though you're really playing nice with the body when you're having floats hehehe...

He prefers Crystal Light most of the time, but if we make burgers or bake a pizza we'll usually have pop.

Now it's just mom and dad that need to switch over to diet...

even before i was diagnosed i drank diet. even though i was four at the time. i just cant stand the taste of regular. bleh

i used to live on regular Mountain Dew (and wild berry skittles) so today my bs was only 46 so i got all excited and ran for the mountain dew (not excited about a bs of 46) and when i opened it up and took a drink... oh my gosh it was horrible! I've only had diabetes for a month now and i already lost interest in regular pop, its just not the same...

Has anyone tried the new Zero soda? I believe it's by Coke. It's alright - but I'm not a big fan of it because it tastes so similar to regular soda. I swear there's like a soda fairy or something... it tastes freaky similar :) But I prefer the diet-y taste to regular... that's why I don't drink regular in the first place, it tastes too sweet in my opinion

Truthfully since converting to diet I cannot stand the tast of regular soda. When I am low and forced to drink it I hate it. The zero soda's are interesting. Coke Zero I again don't like the taste of. Sprite Zero is good and I am finding a healthy respect for Fanta Zero. This is a true no calorie or sugar orange soda. I think if you drink Diet Sunkist there is still both sugar and carbs in it.

Hello Brian!  Diet Sunkist has zero calories and zero carbs, and as far as I've been aware of, the same artificial sweeteners as most other diet drinks.... it's my favorite soda, and to this day I've had no problems :)

BTW, interesting info on those ZERO sodas.  I am yet to try them, and now even more hesitant to do so!

I would have to say "Diet" all the way. I can't even drink a regular pop(soda) when I'm low, it makes me sick and I can't stand the fact that it looks and smells like liquid sugar.

So I guess my fav. is diet pepsi as I don't like the taste of any of the Zero pops(soda's), but for a switch I will have diet orange, diet 7Up, and diet Dr. Pepper. And I know that Mountian Dew usued to make a diet version but I haven't seen it in a long time. If enough of us like/liked it maybe we should start a petetion to the company to see if they will start making it again or if they still do if they would let us order it somehow.

Just a thought?!?!?!



Diet all the way.  I've been drinking it since I was diagnosed and sometimes if I begin to go low and it is the only thing available at the time, regular comes in handy.  However, I can't stand the taste of it.  It is as if I can taste how thick the sugar is, not good at all.

Ruth I stand, well sit corrected. It is not the Diet Sunkist it is the Diet Orange Crush, it has 25 calories, 6 g's of Carbs and the second ingredient I believe is our Friend High Fructose Corn Syrup. Which leads me to now double check all Diet labels in advance.


In response to that, my favorite nutritionally wise is Diet Rite. A lot of diet sodas have some pretty disturbing amounts of soduim, even calories some times, in them. Probably to make up for the sugar. But Diet Rite tastes fine, in my opinion, and has 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 soduim... I think it's all 0 :)

So would one say that it tastes all-rite to you??? I am sorry I had to go there!!!