Diet soda

Which do you prefer:

Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?


Coke Zero or Pepsi MAX?


i prefer pepsi to coke and max to diet!

Diet Coke or Coke Zero.

I'm not a Pepsi fan....

i have a feeling i may be in the minority with my love for diet pepsi. pepsi max has ass-loads of caffeine in it, so i tend to only drink it when i REALLY need it. 

i think diet coke tastes like brown water.

I'm a Diet Coke addict!

Water :P ... better for you. No sodium :)

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I like Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero...but add cherry to the title, and I'm all over it!!

I drink caffeine free Diet Coke when I have a choice, but restaurants here in N.IL seem to carry epsi products. My absolute favorite is Diet A&W Root Beer!

I drink Sprite Zero because it is caffeine free, and in my opinion, it does not have an after taste.

we do diet mnt dew or a&w root beer or dr pepper or anything but coke or pepsi lol even the diet sams cola in my opinion is better than those two diets

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My parents always drank Diet Coke.  So when I became a T1 10 months ago, that was my go to drink.  I haven't tried the coke zero or pepsi max yet.


I drank Diet Dr. Pepper for awhile but got really tired of it.  I always loved Root Beer, but haven't been able to get into the Diet Root Beer.  What are other good tasting diet drinks? 

I enjoy pepsi Max better because it's true pepsi flavor but my ultimate favorite (which they no longer make ) is

Diet Cherry Vanilla Pepsi!

best soda EVER!

Coke Zero has become my favorite over time. I prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke.

has anyone tried the new diet 7up pomegranate? i got some tonight and it's pretty yummy! i like to drink it out of a wine glass.... :o)

Diet Coke, all the way!  Don't like Coke Zero--I think I've been drinking Diet Coke way too long. Though as I'm typing I realize that I do like Cherry Coke Zero.  Oh well!  It's just nice to have so many choices!

diet coke... with lime!

do we have a third choice????

for me it's either coke zero or diet dr. pepper!

diet cherry pepsi!

I've never tried the Coke Zero or Pepsi Max.  I would take Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke.  Today at work, for a reward, we had Arby's roast beef, chips, and cookies, and pop.  The only kind of diet pop they had was Diet Coke, so I was glad that I had brought a Diet Pepsi with me, because even though that would have been free, it didn't seem appealing.

I'd vote Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke.  But I'm not real particular.  I'll drink whatever is there.  When I go to a restaurant though, I order Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi (No Coke, Pepsi) whichever they have and ask for a lemon with it.  I squeeze the lemon in.  That's the best.  Just make sure not to swallow the seeds!

Cherry Coke Zero. I definitely prefer Coke over Pepsi products.