I am looking for information on the types of diets that were used when Type I are pregnant. I have been searching the internet but not finding a lot of good information.  I was wondering if anyone on here would be willing to share?  I have come to the conclusion that to keep my sugars as close to normal and within the parameters given that I will not be able to eat sweets, chips, pizza, etc.   Can anyone provide an example of the diet that they ate when pregnant?

It depends on how sophisticated you are and your approach to therapy. I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted. It takes foresight and progressively longer lag times. I used Symlin for my last two trimesters and it made a tremendous difference as I became more and more insulin resistant. One tool that I think is key for diabetes management during pregnancy is CGM. It lets you know all of the time both what your blood glucose is (if you have the real-time CGMS) and the direction in which it is headed.It makes dietary selection much easier. But it takes tenacity.

People I know were told to go off symlin for pregnancy. That's great you got to use it.

I think there isn't much info on food during a D pregnancy b/c it depends. The 1st trimester, people tend to run low, but the 3rd, people tend to have extreme insulin resistance. But, it depends on the person. I friend of mine only had insulin resistance for 1 of her 4 pregnancies.

When I was pregnant, I ate healthier anyways for the baby. While, I basically ate anything, I avoided very high carb meals like pasta, pizza, cake b/c I worried about a post-meal spike. But, a few isolated spikes shouldn't cause a problem if you get them down quickly, so you'll experiment and see how foods affect you. My only major change was at breakfast b/c in pregnancy, women tend to have highs post breakfast. I was forced to eat very low carb and add in protein. I missed my cereal. (: