Differences between type 1 and 2

I am just talking how it is to be going from type 1 to type 1.5 and contolling my bs with diet and exercise, like a type 2 (no insulin!)

First I don't care what anybody says both ways of control suck! LOL I can now talk about both ways, a rare position to say the least!

It's going on 3 days without insulin and so far my numbers like really good. If I watch what I eat they are so close to normal(?). I do miss my insulin, I would just figure my carbs, dose and eat. This diet thing ain't easy. I REALLY have to think before I eat. I missing my pig outs I do once in a while. Do I miss having to poke myself a few times a day??? Of course not, come on who would, no more needles!!! 

 Today I took a blood test for GAD, I'll let you guys know how that comes out. If it comes back negative, that means I test positive in ICU at orginal dx and now ???? They Endo's did say it was possible for auto-imunne to turn off. Maybe I am another rare case, we'll see.

Wait a funny flash. If I have been type 1 now controlling bs like type 2 does that make me a Complete Diabetic all components included!!! LOL

hey you're not the only one, my dad thought he was type 2 when diagnosed but then his blood work came out as having autoantibodies. The docs told him he was clearly a type 1 but with insulin resistance.

I've often heard type 1s say that type 2s have it so much easier.  I agree in part, since some people with type 2 can be symptom free with healthy lifestyle.  

BUT type 2 is so restrictive.  Those of us who use insulin have more freedom than the average type 2.  I think type 1s also tend to get better diabetes education.  I've been shocked at how many type 2s are written presriptions for insulin and syringes without a doctor ever mentioning the risk of low blood sugars.  It's crazy.